Bugsy’s Top Tips For Healthy & Dapper Hair

Ever wondered why your hair looks and feels great some days and run down the others? well we hope this article will help you gents with everything you need to know about looking after your hair and grooming your hair. Surprisingly most men don’t realise washing their hair every morning and night is killing their hair . They wash their hair every time in the shower as a routine, also men don’t realise what products to use for the type of hair they have. I hope this article will help you gents out there keep your hair healthy and styled to perfection.

How often You Should Wash Your Hair?

Everyone of you chaps has different hair types and it’s important to know what type of hair you have whether it’s thick, thin, Fine or coarse.
Shampooing your hair too much strips the natural oils from your hair and scalp which will result in your hair glands either…
Pumping out too much oil to replace the oils lost during washing, which will then make your hair very greasy.


Not producing enough oils because your hair will see it as a lost cause ,as your hair is already too dry, This will leave your scalp dry and full of dandruff.

You know at the end of the day when you get home from work or back from your local gentleman’s watering hole, you start playing around with your hair and it just seems to fall into place perfectly, this is because your hair has all of the natural salts and oils your scalp pumps out during the day which helps when it comes to styling.

Fine Hair – Shampoo and Condition every 1-2 days.

Thin Hair – Shampoo and Condition every 1-2 days, try to use more conditioner and not as much shampoo.

Coarse Hair – Shampoo and Condition every 2-5 days

Thick Hair – Shampoo and Condition every 2-6 days, Conditioner can be applied in between to keep it fresh.


We’ve all done it gents, especially after Christmas when you are over stocked with Lynx Africa gift sets from family members, but those products are best used on the neck down as they strip oils from your hair like paint thinners!

Use Heat Protection Products

If you are using straighteners or a hairdryer it is important to find a good heat protection product for your hair, try pointing your hairdryer in the same spot for a few seconds you will notice how hot it really is! So constantly move the dryer around and not leave it in the same spot for too long, give your hair that extra layer of protection it needs to stay in better condition!

Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water  After Washing.

Using cold water will close up any openings into the skin , washing your hair with hot water and a harsh massage will release all the dirt and grime but will also leave your paws open which will allow any unwanted bacteria and germs in. The cold water at the end of a wash will close up your paws and prevent and protect this from happening.

Dyed hair

With dying hair I would recommend dying it every 4-6 weeks so it gives the hair time to repair and doesn’t kill it all together. Also if you are wanting your hair dye to become lighter you can train your hair with silver shampoo and it will become a lighter shade.

Styling hair

There’s many different styles and many styling products on the market , depending on what style you have and length determines what product you use and how much of it.

For slick hair to get a vintage look I would recommend using pomade, pomade is a water-base product and reacts better and styles better used with water, it’s also not got brilliant  strength so recommend dusting over some hairspray to hold it in place.

big quiffed hair or spikey hair which is short or long and you run your hands through often to play with it and restyle I would recommended paste, this type of product lasts all day, restyling your hair through out and still has a great hold in the wind.

For the extreme styles that need to be held in place with a natural look, I would recommend using clay, clay will hold your hair with a bounce and used with hairspray will give it the ultimate hold.

If you are using product everyday you don’t necessarily have to wash it out with shampoo everyday as it will dry out your hair , washing it through with a bit of water and putting a bit more product in after is Okay. Try and stick with the recommended washing patterns we provided in this article.

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afro hair for men top styling tips and hacks

Afro tips

Relaxer can really damage hair , especially when you use it too much , i would recommend touching up your relaxer every 8 weeks to prevent killing your hair.

Products , there’s not as much products available for Afro heads but for styling I would recommend using a styling cream to hold it into shape ,give it that glossy look and making frizzy Afro hair more curly. You can by a spray to scrub through wet hair and dry more into ringlets than curls. For matted curls use a woolly hat over the head and do harsh circular motions and for waves have the hair dried and moisturised down and horizontally stroke your comb through where you want the waves.

Washing Afro hair can be tricky, would recommend washing it when it feels dirty. If that becomes everyday that is fine with Afro hair , but when your able to snap the hair using your fingers with not much forced I would recommend leaving it natural for 5-8 days just to repair itself and get the natural oils through your hair.

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beard grooming and styling top tips and hacks

Beard tip

Washing – with washing a beard is a little bit different, washing a beard you would use beard wash not shampoo , this is very important. Beard hair is a lot more course than normal hair and requires a more penetrating wash, in the winter I would recommend washing every 2-3 days but when it becomes summer I would recommend daily.

Conditioning – oiling your beard is very important . Moisturising your beard will stop the beard from taking all the oils from your skin. Would recommend oiling your beard twice a day to start with and then after a week or so just the once a day .use your initiative on how much oils to massage through but don’t want it to be extremely oiled and appear greasy.

Styling – Beard balm and Moustache wax is the styling product to use, just like styling your hair if it’s a bigger beard you’re going to have to use that little bit more product. When washing the beard free of products it’s exactly the same as the hair on the head, the products are completely fine to leave in and wash out when you next shower, but remember the longer products are left in the higher chance of daily dirt and grime attaching themselves to the product causing it to become dirtier over time.

Beard tips – if you haven’t got the thickest and fullest of beards you can run mascara through it or dye it with beard dye. As Well  if it’s not the thickest of beard the styling of how its trained can make it look a lot fuller so a combination of the both could give you the beard you want

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