The Christmas Sandwich

A few years ago a Christmas sandwich was something you ate Christmas Day in the evening or any point the few days after whilst food remained. These days though, the supermarkets have cottoned onto the fact that we all love em, and have started their very own war of the sandwiches. with these sandwiches already hitting the shelves we at have decided the least we can do to help you this Christmas is to review our favourites and help you make an informed decision about what to buy. We will be taking it upon ourselves to try and review the sandwiches, So here we have the battle of the sandwiches itself… LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE


Co-op Pork and Stuffing Christmas Sandwich

First up we have this lovely little pork and stuffing Christmas  sandwich courtesy of the good folk at the co-op. A company that has developed over the last 173 years from the merge of co operative wholesale societies and many independent retail societies. Personally I’d say this sandwich hits all the right notes when it comes to taste. The pork tastes really high quality. Exactly like you would find at a hog roast on a cold autumn evening. The accompanying flavours really reinforce that theme with a beautifully sweet apple sauce that sits perfectly in the mix without making its presence felt too dramatically. The crispy onions really heighten the pleasantness of the texture as all too often sandwich filler can become just s soft mush and the parsley mayo keeps the sandwich moist without being soggy. Overall the blend of ingredient couldn’t be in better proportion. The packaging isn’t particularly Christmassy it’s just pink which makes a difference from the rest but isn’t going to win any festive awards. It looks nice enough but it would take a lot for a sandwich to look bad. Lastly as wonderful as it tastes, for me it isn’t Christmassy. It tastes much more like a hog roast. Not a particularly festive dish.

Greggs Festive Bake

Our Greggs, What can I say about this northern treasure that we as nation hold so dear to our hearts. This Geordie franchise that started 75 years ago by a single man on a pushbike has escalated into over 1700 locations in the UK. It’s defiantly a very warming establishment, the smell of freshly baked pastries always tickles the nostrils and warms the stomach.This year they have really gone all out with their festive menu with a big old selection including a Christmas Lunch soup, sandwich and toasties. They also have two hot bakes including the festive bake and also a turkey, bacon & cranberry bake.

We’ve decided to try out the festive bake, at first glance you wouldn’t be able to spot this out as a Christmas baked good, it didn’t come in any form of Christmas packaging or indeed have any festive patterns on the bake itself so unfortunately it won’t be given any points on that Front…but for £1.50 you can’t expect it to walk down any Red carpets.

In the past few years this Bake has become a real sign for us Brits that Christmas is well truly here, people go crazy for it just as much as they go crazy for the John Lewis advert or that Mariah Carey song.

The bake did look delicious, it’s golden brown outer layer was cooked to perfection and the contents inside were just how Goldie Locks herself would have liked it. With the first bite down you can really see why it’s become an icon of our time. All of the wonderful ingredients complimented each other perfectly the sage and onion stuffing alongside the sage and cranberry sauce was just handsome, it really reminded me of a Boxing Day bubble and squeak in puff pastry form . I would highly recommend trying one of these beauts if you’re passing or even if you’re not then get yourself down there I’d recommend getting 2 as it didn’t quite fill that void, just don’t look at the fat content though as it really rockets above the rest of the ones we’ve tried.

Marks and Spencer’s Christmas Turkey Wrap

Marks and Spencer’s also known on the streets as M & S is truly a British institution. It was founded in 1884 as a simple market stall and has grown to become. Worldwide brand thought it originally focused on only selling reasonably priced bright goods. The store really is so steeped in our nations history that it’s quiet easy to imagine a marks and Spencer’s trading quality goods right in the heart of a Christmas carol by Charles Dickens and it this imagery that makes me think that M & S are gonna produce some great Christmas based food.

One look this and I thought wow. M&S have really bought the fight to the Christmas based goods game, firstly the packaging is one of the most holiday centric I’ve seen. They couldn’t have done much more short of wrapped it up in wrapping paper made it impossible to open with cellotape and put my name on a gift tag with a bow. Which I doubt will happen but if they ever do, you heard it here first. Out the packaging this looks great a beautiful looking wrap packed tight and full of filling. The ingredients are a star studded list of festive cheers.  Featuring turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and a Brussel slaw there is no denying they’ve really gone for some key players of the palette when designing this wrap. The turkey is succulent and tastes like you’re eating it straight of the bird. An Impressive feat considering it’s a type of meat known to dry out very easily. The cranberry sauce is beautifully sweet. Neither overpowering or underwhelming and goes with the turkey like two dancers performing upon the tip of your tongue as they combine to become one. That perfect Christmas taste. The Brussel slaw however was in my opinion a letdown, Not because it tasted bad or ruined the wrap. But quite the opposite it didn’t taste any different from a normal coleslaw and even that flavour was very muted. It effectively bought nothing to the wrap and  could have been left out. A real shame and I was intrigued to see what they did with this but I also understand why they did it as Brussels are a Very polarising taste and by having them more prominent my have turned people off of this wrap after just one bite. Lastly we had the stuffing. A simple accompaniment to the turkey  but one we all love. Maybe it’s a Tad over powering in the dish but it’s not unpleasant. Overall though this is a winner when it comes to lol things Christmas.

Costa’s Brie and Smokey Bacon Panini

Italian brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa founded costa coffee in Lambeth in the year 1971 supplying local caterers. The costa family moved to England in the 60s. They then started to branch out into the world of coffee and made a reputation for themselves in the year 1978, where they opened there first store on Vauxhall’s bridge road. Then in 1995 the UK’s largest hotel and coffee shop company Whitbread became a wholly owned subsidiary. In 2009 costa opened up their 1000th store in Cardiff.

The thing about Costa is that it has a wide selection for the public ranging in drinks, snacks and cakes, off the top of my head they do 3-4 Christmas sandwich / panini and a lot of Christmassy drinks going from hot chocolate to Christmas creamy coolers and to top it all off the Christmas cakes are amazing. The thing I love about Costa is that it’s anywhere you can possibly think, it’s in shops, cinemas, hospitals it so practical and can help you in your time of need, no matter how hungry or thirsty you truly are.

Costa’s desired panini for a cheeky Christmas snack is just wow. it consists of a French Brie cheese layered with British smoked bacon and topped with the finest cranberry sauce all on a stone baked sourdough panini. When tasting the panini in question the first thing that tingled my taste buds was how sweet the cranberry sauce was, I was intrigued to find out what more it had to  offer with the smokiness of the bacon giving the panini the Christmas spirit and the cheese just inviting you to carry on eating.

When first coming across the panini it looked Christmassy with a decorative  packaging, I had it heated up so the cheese could infuse with the smoked bacon and cranberry sauce. They blended together incredibly, it gave a sweet but savoury flavour with the help of the Brie not being to overpowering you could taste the Christmassy flavours throughout the panini. The cranberry sauce just kept giving, by the time I had finished my last bite my mouth just wanted more. I think costa’s panini is Christmassy, It offered a lot to me and tasted really good. I wish they had some turkey in there just to give that bit extra, I just wanted to sink my teeth into some succulent juicy turkey meat and get the full flavour of Christmas dinner.

Sainsbury’s Pigs Under Blankets

J Sainsbury’s. A name engrained into the British high street was established in 1869 on Drury lane Holborn. The philosophy of the shop was outside on a sign for all to see. “Quality perfect prices lower”. Sainsbury’s was innovative as they offered a wide range of of own label prices and boasted marble floors mosaic tiles and staff in uniforms of white aprons. Even in the early days they built up a very strong brand. And to this day everybody would recognise a Sainsbury’s. So I thought I’d give there turkey with pigs under blankets a try and see if it really was a case of quality perfect prices lower.

The sandwich was packaged quiet nicely with a purple packaging and decorated with stars. It certainly stands apart from other sandwiches but maybe not the most festive packaging.  The sandwich looks really nice. Very presentable without too much filling spilling out. The sandwich tastes fantastic. It used malted bread which is a welcome change from the go to white loaf which although nice can be a little heavy. The sandwich certainly didn’t skimp on the feelings. Jammed packed with flavoursome ingredients you are definitely getting your moneys worth. The idea of pigs under blankets works well as the traditional sausage wrapped In bacon would perhaps be too bulky for this but layers of sausage and bacon work well topped off with turkey and cranberry sauce this really is a Christmas feast in a Christmas sandwich to rival any Boxing Day creation you can come up with at home. Impressive really when pre Packed sandwiches can sometimes feel a little fake in terms of meat. This tastes as fresh as the day it was cooked. Of course. The main question is, “is this Christmassy” the answer. Is a resounding yes!