Staying in this winter…. a film for every occasion

Summer is well and truly over. It’s a fact, but that doesn’t mean you have be miserable. Autumn follows with its beautiful colours and scenery and all the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire night, and a trip outside is still enjoyable you just need an extra layer or two. What follows next though for some people really is bad. The dreaded winter however winter is a great time of year. Perfect for spending quality time with family and friends over Christmas and weekends. As if by magic ITV wheel out the winter film selection And run it every weekend. However I like many of you. Have seen these films countless times, so I’ve put  together a list of ten films for all kids of occasions for you to watch over the winter.


Guys Night

Fight club, considered to be somewhat of a 90’s cult classic is a film about an unnamed narrator who suffers from insomnia and is unhappy with his white collar life. A chance meeting with a soap salesman proves to be the catalyst for change and a large rise in violence in the narrators life. The sound track is written by the dust brothers and creates a post modern score using things such as drum loops, electronic. Scratching and computerised samples. The finale features where is my mind by the pixies. The firm was first released September 10th 1999 and made 100.9 million at the box office and has grown over the years to be  appreciated as a Real classic.

You And The Kids

Tangled, sweeping statement but this is best Disney film ever made. It’s the re-imagination of the classic tale of repunzel and it’s got something for adults and children alike from musical numbers, a diabolical villain, daring rescues, a horse and chameleon duo and Frying pans. In true Disney style it has a soundtrack bursting with singalong classics. Tangled was released November 14th 2010 making 591 million at the box office. Has a run time of 100 minutes and spawned another short film and a television series.

For The Animal Lovers

Free willy is the classic tale of  a young troubled child called Jesse and the relationship he forms with a captive Orca whale whilst working probation at the wildlife park after he vandalises it and how they deal with the less than legitimate owner of the park. It’s a real heartwarming classic. It’s features a soundtrack typical of time time with some original scores and a healthy dose of Michael Jackson thrown in. The film itself was released July 16th 1993  And made 153.6 million at the box office. It runs for 112 minutes.

A Quiet Night In

Forest Gump is the story of the most remarkable unremarkable gent. A feel good comedy drama which tells the tale of forest a young man with low intelligence and spinal difficulties, and his journey in life through childhood College the military  and various other adventures and how he greatly shaped the world around him. It contains a 32 track soundtrack with all music being previously released aside from one piece by Alan Silvestri. The tracks are all by American artists and released between the 50’s and 80’s. This was done on purpose as they didn’t think the character of forest would buy anything not American. Forest Gump was released June 6th 1994 making 677.9 million at the box office and has a run time of 142 minutes.

Him And Her

The Notebook, reminiscent of uptown girl by billy Joel this is film about two lovers from different sides of the track and how there romance progresses falters and endures despite opposition from seemingly the rest of the world. The sound track features pieces composed by Aaron zig an and also music typical of the era of the film such as A string of pearls – Glenn miller. The film was released May 20th 2004 And made 115.6 million at the Box office. The film runs for 124 minutes.

Fright Night

Insidious is pretty scary. At least I think so, but I’m also scared of most Disney villains so you’ll probably manage to watch this without crying. The. Film is about a family and in particular there son who after an accident slips deep into a coma and the strange things happening around him and the spirits haunting him. The sound track was written by by Joesph Bishara who also appears in the film as the demon. It was performed with. A string quartet and a piano and was largely improvised. The sound track was released with other tracks featured in The film, By Tiny Tim, Ludovico Einaud and George crumb. The film was released 14th September 2010 and made 97 million at the box office. It has a run time of 102 minutes.


Couples Film

The Break Up is a divisive film. The kinda thing that will turn a nice couples evening into all out war. Man vs woman. Right vs wrong. People who think Ross and Rachel were on a break so it was ok, and people who are wrong. The film is about a couple who split up but neither wants to leave there shared apartment. All out Domestic warfare begins. The soundtrack features a vast array of songs from the likes of queen, social distortion and Alanis morrisette. It was released June 6th 2006 and made 205.7 million at the box office and runs for 105 minutes.


Forcing The Kids and/or Other Half to Watch a Classic For They’re Own Good.

Back To The Future, an 80’s classic but very much about of a boys film…. not strictly speaking but generally and FairPlay to any fair maiden’s out there who love this film already. It’s kinda like a less violent and swear filled rick and morty. Young man (Marty) and mad scientist  (doc) ride a time machine car into the past and then accidentally ruin the event which allowed said young mans parents to meet so now they have to fix it or face erasing Marty for ever.The sound track features music composed by Alan Silvestri, alongside songs by Huey Lewis and the news and songs by the fictions band Marvin berry and the starlight from the film Itself. The film was released July 3rd 1985 and. Made 381.1 million at the box office, has a run time of 116 minutes  and spawned two sequels.


Fun For All The Family

The School of Rock is my favourite film. So there was no way it wasn’t gonna Make this list somehow. The plot sounds dodgy as hell. It’s about a down and out rocker who’s been kicked from his band and is about to be kicked out his flat by his friend and girlfriend due to money issues. He then decided to pretend to be his friend and work as a substitute teacher in a private school stealing his friends identity and teaching the kids about rock music. However don’t just judge it by how it sounds… give it a watch and you’ll love it. The sound track is crammed full of rock songs you’ll recognise and want to sing along with. The film was released 3rd October 2003 and made 131.3 million at the box office.