At Bugsys Gentlemans Barbers we are very please to bring you our new shoeshine service. Our main focus here at Bugsy’s has always been to offer a traditional service to the modern gentleman, from our massively popular Cut Throat Shave service, right down to our Cuban cigar range. So what better service to offer then a professional shoeshine. Back through history western culture barbershops would always provide a shoeshine service, for the gents that waited inside the shop or the ones that waited outside on the street. We’ve researched the methods and developed a service that supports our traditional values. Our staff have been trained into providing only the best possible clean and shine to your shoes, so if you’re visiting the barbershop for a shave, beard trim or haircut you will literally be looking dapper from head to toe.

shoeshine shoe shine

The Gentleman’s Deluxe Shoeshine

This shoeshine service is a 5 step process that requires more time and attention to detail, The service itself provides a deep shoe clean, condition, wax and shine making sure they are protected as well as shiny.

Step 1 – Clean Down

Firstly we will clean the shoe down, removing those boots of all the daily dirt, dust and grime that has built up, it’s not a rushed process we take our time when it comes to any service we do , its all about finesse

Step 2 – Condition

Secondly we will condition the shoe, this it to feed the leather the nourishments it needs. Leather is essentially a skin and if it’s not taken care of correctly it will dry up. Its very similar to how we clean our hair we clean it with shampoo and then we give it back the oils that are lost.

Step 3 – Rejuvenation
This is the colour rejuvenation process, now that the we have cleaned and conditioned the shoes with RM Williams leather conditioner, the leather is now ready for colour to be boosted back into the shoe. We use a Loake horsehair brush with our professional shoe cream and paste rubbing thoroughly into the whole shoe.
Step 4 – Waxing
The application of Loake wax polish, now the shoes colour has been rejuvenated it’s important for us to protect that colour with a coat of wax. This is a very important step to help create that barrier against the elements.

Step 5 – Finishing Touches

Very similar to step 4, after the wax is evenly applied and the shoe has dried we then add a little more wax with a few dabs of water to help soak into the pours of the leather creating that final barrier and giving it that famous shine.

We will then email you letting you know when your newly shined shoes are ready to be picked and returned too your loving arms.

Price £5


Why do we do shoe shining ? It’s all about transformation, turning old tatty looking shoes Into shoes you wouldn’t recognise. Just like hair it’s all about transformation walking out feeling like a new gentleman feeling fantastic from head to toe.

*The Bugsys Gentlemen’s Shoeshine service is available by booking or walk in

and is available from Wednesday through to Saturday.