The Television Show

Peaky Blinders, The British television drama that made every gentleman in the UK want to have a brummy accent, wear a baker boy cap and most importantly have a Peaky Blinder of a haircut. For those of you who haven’t seen the show; two things, firstly please do question yourself & secondly, make sure to watch it!

The show is based around a gangster family running a horse betting shop in the industrial city of Birmingham just after the First World War. The story mainly centres around the very cunning boss Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) who isn’t actually the oldest of the boys but due to the oldest male sibling being a drunken mess with a bad temper Tommy becomes head of the family and the story counties from there with many twists and turns that make you wish there was more then 6 episodes per season.

The show was first aired in 2013 and it gave all of us guys a new purpose for our hair. The word undercut started to become a lot more popular in barbershops replacing your typical short back and sides with wet look spikes that dominated the 00’s. Partners were sending In their chaps with pictures/orders to have a Tommy Shelby haircut. So now every barber worth their weight in gold should know how to do a Peaky Trim.

With season 4 at our fingertips we’ve seen a lot of sharp and eccentric haircuts grace our screens, but the 3 main ones I’m defiantly going to focus on have to be the most requested haircuts by Gents in the uk in the past 5 years, even walking down your local high street I guarantee you’d be able to spot all 3 haircuts in under a minute… well that’s providing you’re not walking down your local high street at 4.37am on a Tuesday morning, but that’s just splitting hairs isn’t it.


The Michael Shelby

So I’m going to start of with Michael Gray who is Polly Shelby’s long lost son that first appeared on season 2 of the show after being tracked down by non other then Mr. Thomas Shelby.

All though he is not the biggest of characters in the show he defiantly has the most popular haircut in our modern society,

Who suits it?

  • Everyone with hair
  • Every face shape
  • Every age
  • Thick or thin hair
  • Great for training cowlicks
  • Wear it to work
  • Wear it to weddings
  • Wear it to town


You can tell from the few key points above why this style is the most popular with the fine Gentleman of her majesty’s a Great Britain, it’s just so incredibly well suited to anyone. The style is simple yet extremely effect and it is a perfect style if you have a receding hairline by creating the parting on one side and flowing the hair over to the other you automatically create that hairline which the In turn disguises your own.

What to Ask For?

There are indeed a few variations to this style which I will list to help you decided what is best for you.

Faded with a weighted side parting

Nice and sharp but not too extreme as you have a nice chunk of hair left at the top still to balance it all out, some Gents do find it a slight pain to separate the parting from the hair on top but this can be made a little bit easier by shaving a definitive line into the hair

Scissor cut all over

A great natural look which grows out beautifully, enough hair just to tuck behind the ears, perfect if you can’t get to the barbershop every 4 weeks.

Faded/Undercut right up to the line

A really easy haircut to style as it just requires you to dry and push all of your hair over to one side, but it does take a few months to grow hair back should you want to change your style again in the future.

(All of the styles can be worn with short, medium or long hair on top)

How to style?

Style Time: 5-8 minutes

Tools: Hairdryer, vent brush, comb

Make sure your hair is washed and free from product, this means you have a good blank canvas to work with.

Start by separating the parting line and blow drying on a medium to high heat all of remaining hair over to one side using a vent brush, this allows the heated air to flow through your hair nicely without just drying the top layer. If you’re struggling to gain volume then backcomb the desired areas a couple of times to give birth to some Instant volume.


My Top Tip

When your hair is dry be sure to use the cold shot button on your hairdryer to freeze your style into place, think of your hair like a rod of plastic, when it’s hot it bends into virtually any direction and if you cool it down it sets into that shape, if you leave your hair hot it will continue to reshape until it cools down naturally, this means your hair can continue to fall out of shape after you’ve left the house.

A dab of a medium hold natural looking paste about the size of a twenty pence piece should do the trick, run this through your hair and hold in place with some strong hold, no shine Hairspray. If you fancied a neater look then run a medium tooth comb through your hair after putting the paste in and again lock in with hairspray.

The Arthur Shelby

The brother we all hate to love, if you’ve watched the show and you want a style thats going to give you the same testosterone levels as Arthur, then let me tell you how.

Who suits it?

  • If you have a small forehead
  • If you have have wavy hair
  • If you’re a sliver fox
  • Really mature style so best left to ages 18+
  • Not suited if your hair is really straight
  • Defiantly not suited to high hairlines
  • If you have a round face
  • If your sporting a great beard or moustache


This is a great style if you love length length on the top and love to run your hands through your hair all day. Due to the severe undercut it’s an incredibly sharp looking haircut that looks 10/10 if you spend a lot of your time in a suit. Be warned this style is going to fall down so if you like your hair to stay in one position all day then this isn’t the style for you.

What to Ask For?

You should be asking for a slicked back pomapadour style haircut, You need enough hair to grab with your hands on top, so be sure to keep the length. You can have this style completely undercut with 1 clipper grade (I would personally only have this style with a 1.5 or less, any longer and it looks too fluffy) or have it faded up to the line, the fade looks a bit less severe but it’s all personal preference.

How to style?

Style Time: 5 minutes

Styling Tools: Hairdryer, Vent Brush, Comb

Make sure the hair is washed and free from product, this means you have a good blank canvas to work with. I’m going to start of with my TOP TIP which is a fantastic styling product for damp hair,

Dishevel fiber Cream is a product I discovered about 8 months ago and works perfectly for adding a real rustic, textured  look to the hair, it also means you don’t have to add too much product onto the hair after it has been dried.

When the fiber Cream is in your hair use a Vent or radial brush and a Hairdryer to dry you hair directly back, try drying your hair in 4 sections starting from the front working you way back, this way it ensures you that all of your hair is bone dry, finish with using the cold shot button on your Hairdryer to lock the style in place. Add a lovely helping of pomade with a dash of water to help dilute the product onto your hair, (if you want a neater slicker finish then use a comb to work the product through) let’s face it this style isn’t go to stay in place all day, it has a heavy top with undercut sides which means there is not a great deal of scaffolding to hold it in place, so  e sure to use a flexible hold hairspray, something that isn’t going to crumble and wither the moment it is faced with a challenge.

The Tommy Shelby

Yes yes yes, the one you’ve all been waiting for, the coolest man to hit our tv screens this decade. If you’ve seen the show you cannot deny for one second you didn’t consider buying yourself a tweed 3 piece suit, a baker boy and dressing like him all day everyday … or was that just me?Interesting fact, did you know Cilian Murphy smoked over 3000 herbal prop cigarettes in the 19 episodes that have currently been made!


Who suits it?

  • If you have a high hairline or large forehead this is perfect for working with it and disgusting it
  • All ages
  • Thick or finer hair
  • If you have great tommy Shelby cheekbones

What to Ask For?

You should simply be able to walk into a gentleman’s barbershop hang up your baker boy hat sit down,  ask for a Tommy Shelby cut and an Irish whisky then say

“When do you want to start paying your window tax?… by order of the Peaky Blinders!!”

But I’d probably leave that last part out as they are about to cut your hair so wouldn’t want to upset the barber. So instead ask for it high and tight on the sides at least a (1.5 or less) disconnected with a heavy very textured top, ideally you want the fringe slightly longer about 1-2 inches above the eyebrows.

How to style?

Style Time: 3-5 Minutes

Styling Tools: Hairdryer

Start with your hair washed and free from product, pump around 5-6 times using a good sea salt spray into your hair, then start to dry your hair on a medium heat/airflow using you fingers in a rough and random circular motion to help create that desired messy look. Once the hair is dry with that beautiful gritty feel created by the sea salt spray then give it a once over with the cold shot mode on your Hairdryer. Dust some powder grip into the roots of your hair, if you haven’t used this product before it’s incredible for just mattifying your hair and creating volume. Have a play around with your hair until you’re happy then spray a low hold matt hairspray in to create that final texture, this hairstyle is all about texture and that’s why I’ve used 3 Redken texture based products and no waxes or pastes.


Once you’ve picked the haircut for you, go get yourself a sharp suit and you’re all ready for the races.