Great Style Tips For Men This Winter


Even though Great Britain does officially have 4 seasons, I believe us gentlemen only really focus on 2 seasons, which are summer and winter. Our wardrobe only really changes twice a year, where a ladies typically changes 4 times, so we all need some Style Tips For Men to keep us looking sharp. We go from jumpers to shorts and from coats to crocs… well hopefully not crocs but you know what I mean. Its important for us gents to stay in touch with what is relevant in a modern lifestyle because if we didn’t, then there would still be a lot of guys rocking a mullet in 2016 wouldn’t there?

Im going picking out some key essentials that will cover a gentlemen’s winter lifestyle from head to toe (it will honestly be from head to toe).


First things first i think it’s important to talk about a dapper hairstyle that will suit guys who prefer a shorter style and a longer style. Im going to start with the shorter style.

A modern crop is a perfect solution if you wanted keep your hair in fashion without having to deal with the time consuming styling that comes longer hair. Its short and choppy texture with that blunt fringe finish really does give off a certain elegance.


    • The Style can be pulled off by any face shape.
    • Can be cut into a short or a slightly longer version.
    • Perfect for thick hair.
    • Low Maintenance.
    • Not affected by the weather elements.
    • Can be styled with matt clay and blow drying with fingers.
    • Can be easily reworked after wearing a woolly hat.
Modern Crop Mens Haircuts trim Kettering

Modern Crop Mens Haircuts

A Longer style that will be great for winter 2016 is the very popular slick parting with a slight quiff. We have seen this style a lot the past few years and it comes as no surprise why i have chosen it for the longer style as it’s everything you could possibly want for a hairstyle. Its smart, casual and can be worn with pride on any occasion, from a causal country walk on a crisp winters morning right to the ringing of the bells on new years eve. The style itself requires more maintenance then your average haircut but if you are used to styling hair then it shouldn’t be a problem.


    • Suits all hair types from thick to fine.
    • Really natural looking style.
    • Can be styled with a matt paste, round brush, hairdryer and hairspray.
    • Looks great for casual occasions.
    • Looks even better for classy occasions.
mens slick parting hairstyles barbers mens fashion

mens slick parting hairstyles – Great Style Tips For Men This Winter


Still continuing with the hair on the head but moving ever so slightly lower i think it would be rude not to mention the crown for any gentleman … the beard! It’s something that has been a huge topic of men’s fashion for the past 4 years and as the winter season approaches we are all gong to be seeing a lot more of of our furry friends.

I think it’s important to consider 1 thing when having a beard and this is vital information chaps so listen up!

If you have a big bushy beard then you must have a neat crisp hairstyle and vice versa. You can have a messy hairstyle with a lovely neat designer beard but putting them both together doesn’t work, very similar to putting 2 positive sides of a of magnet together… remember opposites attract.

Beard Care For Men Great Style Tips For Men This Winter

Beard Care For Men Great Style Tips For Men This Winter

Be sure to take care of your beard it can be easily maintained  this winter by trimming the sideburns of the beard down so they do not bulge out, that makes a world of difference and keeping it in good condition with a beard oil and balm. If you’re going to grow a beard chap don’t neglect it.

The last point on the head before I move down the body is finding a great moisturiser and that doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be the cheapest moisturiser, but I myself and I’m sure a lot of you gents would agree that taking care of your skin should be just as important as taking care of your health, especially in the winter months when dry skin is inevitable.

A personal favourite of mine which i have used for a coupe of years now is a brand called Lucky Tiger, I was first attracted to it purely because of how the brand looks. It gives off a real old fashioned vibe that looks like it would have been sold in the old west by a cheesy salesmen turning up to a dusty town bellowing “Roll up Roll up folks i have found the cure for old age”.
It does work really well too, smells great and contains a lot of vital ingredients for hydrating the skin all year round. Its normally priced around £18 for 100ml and can be found on with a lot of many of their other products to keep the face in tip top condition.

Mens Face Moisturiser Lucky Tiger

Mens Face Moisturiser Lucky Tiger


This winter I’ve found a style that can suit all occasions in 1 outfit, i know you chaps are thinking this must be impossible, I found the outfit after doing a little bit of research on Instagram, honestly this outfit is smart, casual, warm, stylish and can be worn by gentlemen of all ages. It looks like its complicated but when you break it down it really isn’t.

Herringbone Blazer Mens Style Great Style Tips For Men This Winter

Herringbone Blazer Mens Style

All You Need Is

    • A slim fit denim shirt.
    • A cricket jumper.
    • A Herringbone Blazer.
    • A pair of black slim jeans.

When you type these items into your search engine they are very easy to find, popular choice of website would defiantly be as they hold a wide range of brands that come in so many different sizes, brands and prices. This outfit could easily be achieved for £130, which is great considering you can break the outfit down and use it for many others occasions.

Products For The Body

Still sticking with the body but focusing on products, i have very recently discovered a very gentlemanly soap called BroBrick, its a vegan friendly bar of soap that comes in 12 different butch smells to suit all occasions. Its made in small batches by a chap from Alberta Canada. It doesn’t dry the skin out and the smell is out of this world. The 3 scents i’ve narrowed down to the most winter suited soaps are:

    Mountain Man…for that crisp smell 
    Coffee Scrub…wake up and smell the coffee
    Whisky and Chocolate…2 of your 5 a day

They are priced at around £6 per rustic bar and are available at our very own store

mens soap brobrick Great Style Tips For Men This Winter

mens soap brobrick Great Style Tips For Men This Winter


The Last Style Tips For Men, is for the body will be a great aftershave for the winter months. Something warm smelling and attractive to the nostrils. For me it can only be Dior Sauvage, this aftershave just screams class, it has been created to be raw and noble at the same time. I don’t think i have ever wore this aftershave and not received a compliment. The smell lasts for hours and forget that mumbo jumbo you hear about “when you cant smell it, that’s when it is at its best” because you can personally smell this aftershave all day.

Its always hard to describe a smell in an article so I would suggest popping down to a shop and smelling a tester for yourself, you will not be disappointed. The 100ml can be found online at for £57.50.

Dior Sauvage Mens Aftershave Great Style Tips For Men This Winter

Dior Sauvage Mens Aftershave Great Style Tips For Men This Winter


When its cold outside a good pair of shoes really do go a long way nothing screams Great British Class like a pair of brogues. I love brogues, i wear them to work everyday go for walks in them and i even wear them when i visit my local watering hole on a Saturday night for a few too many Gin and tonics and finishing off the night with some fine Turkish cuisine… kebab.

Brogues always range in style, price and quality but putting all 3 of those things into perspective for me there is no better option then Loake. For over 130 years Loake have been crafting quality shoes and right in my hometown of Kettering. The brand itself is in high demand all over the world, people just cannot find a better crafted shoe then one made in Northamptonshire.
The shoe i’ve decided to chose for the perfect winter style shoe is the Loake 1880 Ashby Brogue, it’s a premium heavy country shoe that come in the classic tan colour that will go with almost any outfit. The durability of it alone makes it a perfect winter shoe ready for tackling those brisk icy pavements that we all face most mornings.

The brogue can be found dotted around some good shoe shops in the UK but its more convenient to buy online at for around £230, don’t be scared off by the pound signs chaps, when looked after properly these shoes will last a a lifetime.

Mens Classic Brogues Shoes Great Style Tips For Men This Winter

Mens Classic Brogues Shoes Great Style Tips For Men This Winter

I am hoping this read will help you gents out there looking for a few winter tips or maybe some partners looking to find present ideas for the other half. Be sure to keep an eye out for my summer edition which will be published in May 2017.

Jason Blyth