Great Mens Hair and Grooming for 2016

Mens Hair

Over generations men have had a styled some weird & wonderful hairstyles, from the short & sharp 1920’s haircuts to the huge quiffs we seen in the 50’s & even the mullet! But it seems when it came to the 00’s men’s hair took a big pause everywhere you turned it seemed to be “number 2 back & sides short on top” styled with a tub of 30p wet look gel that burned your eyed whenever it started to rain. It seemed men were just content with the same style. But when the 00’s ended men’s hair seemed to explode and men became more conscious of their hair then ever before which then brought back the rise of the barbershop & your average standard uni-sex hairdressers just wouldn’t meet the standards anymore.

What to look out for in 2016

The top knot

Who would have thought that we would live in a time where the male top knot would be loved & hated by so many, even though the top knot itself first came into fashion in 2014 we really saw a huge rise of it in 2015 due to the obvious fact that all of the guys wanting it in 2014 would then have to grow one, well I say you would have to grow one , someone actually invented and sold what was known as a ‘Clip On Man Bun’ which could be found to purchase online.

george clooney grooming style

george clooney grooming style

The Beard

Driven by hipsters in their 20’s & 30’s and celebrities such as Ben Affleck, George Clooney & Tom Hardy Not only did the beard stay in 2013 – 2015 it GREW (not just in size) but in popularity you couldn’t walk down the street or scroll through social media without seeing a beard. Men who could grow a beard did and those that couldn’t claimed “i didn’t want one anyway” we all know they did. In 2015 the UK beard industry was said to have made £72 million! Which is a phenomenal figure, if you were in the industry of the beard this would have been fantastic, but if you were on the opposite end of the spectrum it was would have been very dangerous, brands such as Gillette would have felt the full force of the beard reflected in their sales. But it’s all swings & roundabouts the popularity of the beard will defiantly decline in 2016 but it will not go away which is great, the fact that beard had such a huge style impact over the past few years means growing/keeping a well groomed beard won’t be ‘taboo’ any more, meaning gents can now have beards at work, job interviews & even weddings now without being seen as scruffy.

What to look out for in 2016

Designer stubble!

This will link in to the decline (not disappearance) of the beard. Following on from the paragraph above the beard is massively popular & for most chaps it is a fashion statement, something new to try out, but if you’ve got a beard you know it’s not always a case of just letting it grow! There are big maintenance commitments that come with the beard, things such as

-Combing the beard on a regular basis

-Washing the beard

-Oiling the beard to keep it soft

-Applying balm to the beard to keep its shape

-Trimming & Taming the beard

All of these things come along with having a beard, so there is only so long you can do these things for a fashion statement without it driving you insane! So what will you bearded folks do ? You will not go for a clean shave because that’s too extreme, you will give yourself an all over trim of maybe a grade 0.5 or 1 with sharp lines and shape (designer stubble) so you’ve still got some form of hair on your face, it’s the half way point you will all defiantly go for before going completely clean shaven.

men in curlers

men in curlers

Natural waves!

Curls & Perms made a huge comeback for gents in 2013 the reason for this is it’s usually linked into a celebrity having it done, it was seen on Bradley Cooper in the film ‘American Hustle’ which was based in the late 70’s the actor was seen in the film with a head full of perm rollers to create the tight head of curls so if Bradley Cooper has curls it was an acceptable thing to have done. It wasn’t just the Hollywood star to embrace male perking our very own Joey Essex pushed the boundaries with the perm style which created a massive increase In the younger generation to go out and get permed! I don’t think the perm/ tight head of curls will make a comeback this year, I believe we will be seeing the more natural waves increase, that messy, natural & texturised look that can be easily created with some sea salt spray and a towel! As much as us guys want our hair to look perfect I think if it looks too perfect we tend not to like it, messy waves give that perfect choice to not walk out the door with the exact same look everyday!

noel gallagher hair and style 2016


This is a fantastic style & look that a lot of the younger generation have never even seen before, what a shame as I think the Mod style was a big game changer for mens hair & style, it was a fashion statement where you wanted to look like you didn’t care how you looked…but you did care! With oversized coats and incredibly choppy hair that inspired musicians like Paul Weller & the Gallagher’s dress code. I mean there is still a big market now for the clothing side of Mod, with big fishtail parkers & Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green range on the high street! But we are defiantly about to see the explosion of Mod Hair this year, short choppy fringes, long sideburns & long texturised tops will defiantly be a hair style to look out for In 2016 & personally I can not wait! Through decades of different hairstyles to look back on over the years it really does go to show us how all hairstyles however awful we think they look now they will most certainly come back into fashion… Well apart from the mullet I hope that never comes back.

Jason Blyth

Fully Accredited In Wet Shaving and Beard design Excellence.