Beard Facts

Beards are massive. In every sense of the word. The popularity of the beard has soared, and we’re not talking small beards. We’re talking  ZZ Top style. Beards so big they’re on the verge of no longer being a beard and becoming a thicket. This has necessitated the rise of beard products. Much like the hair on the top of your head, needs to be looked after if you want it to look its best, and so we now have beard brushes and combs, moustache wax, beard balms and oils all becoming massive in their own right. But i want to take a look at what comes before those.

Beard shampoo, it’s an essential for any man looking to grow a beard much like any man with hair. The beard gets covered in food, dirt , grease, products and it is a must that these be cleaned from the beard properly. But why beard shampoo?why not your normal shampoo? and why not soap? Well if you go for your regular shampoo or soap then the chemicals used will strip your beard of its natural oils, can leave the skin dry underneath the beard itself and from this can lead to the beard becoming coarse and dry. This in turn will lead to the beard hairs breaking, potential bald patches and split ends. Beard shampoo is designed to work with the natural oils and in turn, will help grow and protect the beard.

So to help you gents decide what beard shampoo you’re going to buy i have decided to go on a mission. A mission to test 6 different beard washes, give a fair and non biased review and feed this information back to you so you can decide which one you buy first, because trust me after testing these out myself i can guarantee your’e going to be buying these products.


Percy Nobleman Beard Wash

Percy nobleman Launched just a few years ago and is sold in over 2,000 stores across 35 countries including Boots in the UK.

They have been promoted by numerous press including Channel 4, This Morning, GQ, Financial Times, Men’s Health, The Essential Journal and more. Their products have won Gold at the Pure beauty awards and their Premium Beard Oil was named #1 Beard Oil by the Independent Launched just a few years ago.

The beard wash comes in a very nicely sized 100ml bottle perfect for a decluttered bathroom or your travel bag. Being a wash rather than a shampoo means this doesn’t lather up as much as you may expect but don’t worry as it still cleans the beard just as well and works exceptionally well for a smaller beard from Stubble to around and inch in length. The smell has a slight hint of tea tree which gives it a really clean fragrance which is lovely. The price of this particular one is £16.99.


Customer service from this company was top notch and they even sent us a lovely little care package to boot. The branding of this product is so different to others I’ve seen, their own Percy Nobleman comic books are absolutely spiffing, the amount of effort that would have gone into creating this short story book just blew my mind and that effort has definitely reflected on their rise in popularity in the past years.

Available to buy here,

Harum Scarum

We always stood for high quality at a reasonable price. Historically consumers associated High-Price with meaning High-Quality, in the modern era however consumers are extremely “quality and price savvy”. A quick internet search will give you reviews, vlogs, blogs and ratings for anything you may plan to buy. So for a brand to simply place a high-price tag on an item and expect consumers to take their word for the quality could be said to be slightly outdated. Quality, unlike price, is an emotional force for customers. Quality will remain long after the price is forgotten. We embraced the idea, that a customer can have affordable luxury in their life and still be guaranteed the very highest quality.

I’ve got to start with the smell. It’s incredible. I don’t know how familiar you guys are with Diesel’s only the brave fragrance but it’s always been a favourite of mine and this is like a shampoo form of it. It oozes a strong manly smell the minute you open the bottle and that smell really soaks up into your beard leaving this wonderful smell there for hours.

Now what sets this one apart is that it’s especially designed to be a beard and hair shampoo. Something that’s quite uncommon for reasons i mentioned earlier, and it plays both parts very well. A small amount in the hand is all that’s required per section ( beard or hair) and it lathers up very well making it incredibly easy to wash through your hair and beard and then also very easy to wash out, leaving nothing but a clean feeling. On top of all that the bottle is a very convenient size contains 200ml of wash so that it takes up very little space in the bathroom. This is. Good for all length of beard and hair and comes in at the bargain price of £8.95

The products arrived very quick and the level of customer service was really quite good.

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Beardsley Ultra Shampoo helps you to take care of your beard to leave it clean, soft and fresh. Featuring a mild botanical formula and a scent you can ensure the process is pleasurable with every use.

Fruity and summery are the two words that first spring to mind after using this shampoo. Reminiscent of a cool refreshing fruit cider on a hot summers day in your favourite beer garden.

This product comes in a larger 237ml bottle than the others, which is ideal for the modern gent who may not have time to keep ordering more. It lathers up well when worked into the beard and even tastes great, something I know because I accidentally got some in my mouth. But not a big deal when it tastes as good as it smells. The shampoo washed out very easily leaving no residue and left my beard feeling wonderfully soft to touch. This felt like a hair shampoo so is great for all our gentleman rocking those big beards. They also offer a conditioner which when paired with the shampoo left me feeling softer and healthier than ever. This lovely shampoo comes to £11.48 once its been converted to pounds.

The company were extremely helpful. Being based in America they put us in contact with there UK distributor immediately ( who sent us some beard shampoo immediately.

Available to buy here,

Grizzly Adams

Founded in 2015 by Nigel Owen and Tim Nutkins from T&N Health Ltd, Grizzly Adam has come a long way from its beginnings. When we first started out, our passion for providing the best high quality products for our customers drove us to do intense research, quit our day jobs, and turned hard work and inspiration into to a booming online store. We now serve customers all over the UK and Europe, and are thrilled to be a part of the evolution of the men’s grooming industry and the big-beard movement.

Now this one again is a wash rather than a shampoo however unlike other wash’s this lathers up just like a regular shampoo. It washes in and out with ease and has a lovely clean smell leaving you feeling fresh as a daisy. Its uses all natural products and is free of parabens (a preservative chemical)  The bottle is a lovely little 200ml pump bottle that would easily fit in your travel bag if you’re a man on the move or snuggle into the bathroom cabinet! This one will set you back £18.99 however they do offer a service where you can subscribe and have this delivered on a regular basis over a number of months and this will alter the price. For instance subscribing to the beard wash every month lowers this to £16.95. A great idea in my opinion as it means you’ll never forget to order that oh so important beard wash! Customer service was. Great they even sent us a follow up email just to make sure we received our products.

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Men Rock


But if you’re our kind of chap – you know a good looking product when you see it – you can sense style without marketers telling you what to think – then come on in, the water’s lovely. We don’t claim to have reinvented the wheel here – we take inspiration from traditional barbers and Jermyn Street and make lovely products we’d like to use ourselves. If you’re still with us then remember this – YOU ROCK”

Essentially this is a product for the Average stylish joe. But it certainly doesn’t feel average. Packaged in a lovely sleek 100ml bottle it already gives an aura of class and style.

It has a real fruity kick to its smell. Very citrusy. It lathers up well and is very day to work through the beard when washing. It also rinses out easily. It leaves the beard feeling clean with a slight citrus hint to it. Perfect for the summer months without being overpowering. This product will set you back a very reasonable £12.00. The company themselves were extremely efficient to work with.

Available to buy here,


Kyle’s Top Pick

The winner for me would have to the Harum Scarum beard and hair shampoo.The smell is my personal favourite of the ones I have reviewed. It’s also multi functional as a hair and beard shampoo, something which is very unique. Value for money is also exceptional as it’s very cheap for the amount you get, 200ml for £8.95!! It really ticks all th boxes as a modern Gents product. It smells great. It’s a bargain and it does more than one job freeing up space in the bathroom.


Senior Barber