Essential items to get that barbershop finish at home

We all know that feeling at the end of a haircut. You’ve got that new style you wanted and it looks perfect. The rest of the day you keep looking at your fantastic new hair in anything with a slight reflection and people keep complementing you. Life is good. Until the next morning that is when you jump out the shower and no matter what you do you cannot get your hair to look anything like it did yesterday. Well the reason for that is most probably because you lack the tools. Guys don’t always have too much in the way of hair styling products and items. So we have put together this list of things you need to recreate that perfect barbershop hair style.

Hair Dryer


This is the big one. A lot of guys still don’t own or use a hair dryer. They see it as something for women. Which it is, but it’s also for guys. The heat from a hair dryer allows you to mould and sculpt your hair in ways you couldn’t imagine when using a towel. For instance a quiff. By using the hair dryer you can dry the hair upwards creating volume and a much bigger quiff. Partings are another great example. Using a hair dryer to dry the parting in can create a really nice tight parting and help you achieve that perfect look. Got curly hair but wanna slacken the curls of a little bit then use a hair dryer! The heat combined with the air will help straighten them out a little creating a looser look. So if you wanna get your hair into that perfect shape created by your barber then a hair dryer is essential.

The Right Hair Brush Or Comb

The right brush I hear you ask? But surely they all do the same. The answer is yes they all do the same but they also can do so much more and each one is important. I would recommend owning 3. These are:

Vent Brush



A vent brush is a hair brush with spaces in the body (vents). This allows you too dry the hair completely whilst brushing as the hot air can pass through the brush and get at the roots of the hair, helping dry the hair into the style you want to achieve

Radial Brush


A radial brush is a round hair brush. These are great for creating volume and height when drying as you can lock the hair around the brush and pull it upwards and outwards, drying it at the same time.



A basic comb works great for creating and styling partings and styling neater hair styles. Also a wide tooth comb  can be handy when detangling hair and brushing through tight curls.

Another great use for the comb is to simply brush through your beard ( if that’s the look you’re rocking) a neat and tidy beard can really change your whole look so give it a brush!

Good Shampoo


They say that great hair starts in the shower, and they wouldn’t be wrong.We’ve all been guilty of it, just grabbing whatever shampoo is cheapest or the other half uses. But not all shampoos are the same and by knowing this you can  really look after your hair and also make the whole styling process so much easier. Whether you need help thickening and strengthening your hair, you have a dry scalp or you have long curly hair that gets really knotted you’ll be able to find a shampoo for the job.  Many of you reading this will know our apprentice Ellis. Well he’s a big fan of big hair and loves high rise volume by Redken. This shampoo gives the hair volume without the us of any product. Got grey hair then why not use  our Redken Silver charge shampoo to reduce the yellow tones and rock that silver fox look In all it’s majesty. Some of us guys don’t have the thickest hair in the world…. well you guess it there’s shampoos for that. The list really is endless. Personally I’m a fan of Redken Clean brew. It’s a lovely fragrant shampoo designed to really cleanse the hair.

One thing to remember is hair shampoo is great for your hair but not so great for your beard. So get yourself a dedicated beard shampoo too. If you need some help finding the correct one for you then check out this beard article.

The Right Hair Product For The Job

Long gone are the days that a tub of bright blue 35p wet look gel will get You the look you desire…. and I can’t say I’m too upset by this myself. I love that guys want all these different styles from different times. On a normal day in the barbershop I’ll Cut around 15 haircuts a day and these range from peaky blinder inspired cuts, fifties quiffs that would make Elvis weak at the knees, long Bradly cooper locks and skin fades tighter than Ebenezer scrooge. To expect one hair product to work for all of these is impossible. So I’m gonna run down some of our favourites in the shop and the styles they work best for.

Dishevel Fibre Hair Cream


This is a protein hair cream with a medium hold for soft manageable hair. We love to use this when damp and dry it in. It’s great for shaping the hair, bringing out texture and it creates a relaxed and natural matte finish. It’s also great for strengthening hair due to the protein content.

Best For – A Texturised Messy Haircut

Work Hard Moulding Hair Paste For Men


This is a strong hold and shine hair paste which gives you great styling control. With an extra shine finish. It’s very firm but also mouldable and will work through the hair easily whilst being flexible

Best For – A Neat Quiff

Manoeuvre Working Wax


This wax gives you a flexible hold for mouldable texture to create lots of different styles which really last. It’s water based with a low hair shine and a smooth matte finish with a medium control.

Best For – A Messy Matte Style

Fashion Waves


This is a sea salt spray with a medium hold for a fresh off the beach look. The sea salt helps created texture and also provides a light body and hold with a matte finish. So think of those perfect beach holidays and that awesome hair you were left with after your day enjoying the sun sea and sand.

Best For – Bringing Out Those Curls And Medium Length Cuts

Dapper Dan Pomade


This is a water based pomade with a high shine and good hold, however as it is water based it washes out very easily and doesn’t look greasy or begin to flake. It’s very versatile as you can use a small amount for a low shine look or increase it for that higher shine 1930’s style! It also reworks very easy, just run a damp comb through it.

Best For -Slick And Shiny Hair Styles

Dapper Dan Matt Paste


This is a strong hold but flexible product which can do do several hair styles. Great for quiffs and messy hair styles a like and works into the hair with ease whilst washing out just as well. The smell listed on there website is vintage cologne and it will certainly make you look smell and feel like  dapper Dan!

Best For – Quiffs Partings And Mess With A Matte Finish

Of course these are just a few of our favourites but we have lots more and we would always recommend having a chat with your barber about what product they use on you and what they think works best

Senior Barber