Jason Blyth



I was working in retail for a few years after I left school and decided I wanted to go travelling and see more of what the world had to offer, I thought to myself, I needed to learn a skill/trade that I could take anywhere in world on my travels and always be able earn a bit of pocket money to help keep myself going if my funds got too low. So I saw a potential gap in the market and learning to cut men’s hair was the ideal trade for me to learn, a pair of scissors and a comb and I could afford a bed for a night. Women just let their hair grow when travelling but most guys still wanted to get their hair cut and didn’t want to go to the local barbershops in Asia or Peru due to the communication barrier (backpackers these days are very conscious about their appearance I called them flashpackers).That is how it started for me, but when I began my gentlemans barber course it became more than just making money, I really enjoyed learning about the history of barbering and getting the chance to be creative.  I knew after a few weeks I defiantly found what I wanted to do in life.


Well, I always wanted a nickname, when I was at school I saw people being given nicknames to a point where no one even knew what their real name was, no one ever gave me one and I wanted one so bad I decided before I went travelling I was just going to make one up along with a story  (Banjo Was the fake name) and when people asked my name I’d introduce myself as it and they would be none the wiser. I never built up the courage to actually push this fake name on people but instead I told this story about making up a fake nickname to 2 Aussies lads , an English couple , 1 Irish girl and her Scottish boyfriend (sounds like a bad joke) who all found it hilarious that I was going to try and do this, someone then said “ahh that’s a classic Bugsy thing to do” it stuck and from then onwards that was my nickname.


Yes I do, there is a gentlemans barber called Paul Watts who massively inspired me to get into the hair industry, explaining to me how he was in a similar position to myself working in retail (in what turned out to be the exact same shop) not sure exactly what he wanted to do for a career. A few years later he is an award winning hairdresser with 4 award winning salons and is now a Lee Stafford educator. Now that’s my inspiration, So my aim is to put the same passion into every square inch of Bugsy’s Gentlemans Barber, give every single person the style and service they deserve when entering the barbershop and watch it thrive in the barbering industry.


I think when most guys get asked this question they either don’t know (or don’t want to say) or they just say David Beckham, who in all fairness has been a massive trend setter for most gentlemen of our time, but I have to say my celebrity hair icon would have to be Mario Falcone who has shown us a lot of different styles over the past few years and personally I think none of them have been a bad choice.

Favourite Musician?

Paolo Nutini.

Favourite film?

The Beach.

Favourite Quote?

Happiness is only real when shared.

Christopher McCandless

Favourite Smell?