Bugsys and COVID

It’s a difficult time we’re all living in so far in 2020. This pandemic has suddenly paused normal life and the modern world as we know it. However, there is beauty and hope as we pull together in attempt to rebuild the damage. Some have done this by putting on their NHS badge and selflessly walking into the firing line and others have done this by simply staying at home.We’re all learning something new during these tough months and if we can take anything positive out of the experience then it can make it all worth while for a better quality of life in the present and a brighter future for the world. I’m writing this article to explain what I (a person in the hair industry) has learnt this year and what I’m going to be doing when we reopen. I hope this article will help clients gain a better knowledge of our understanding of the matter and the procedures we will be taking when it is safe to reopen.


A quick breakdown of COVID-19

As I’m sure you’re already aware of the disease I’m not going to go into too much detail on this section. It’s a new strain of coronavirus that was not previously identified in humans until late 2019. It’s considered a mild to severe disease which can be extremely more fatal when contracted by people over the age of 65, people with cardiovascular problems, diabetes and any other past problems that have led them to have weaker immune system.

In safe hands

Social distancing as we know can be a frustrating thing in a world with so much love, but it’s working, so that in itself is a brilliant thing to help put less stress on our key workers.
Having said that, it is impossible for us in the hair industry to social distance and also give 100% guarantee that our service is completely risk free. However what we CAN do is cut the risk (pardon the pun) as much as we can and by any means necessary, in all areas possible.

For The Animal Lovers

  1. Appointments – We are and always have been an appointment based barbershop, which not only works for our barbers, clients & business it’s going to help to tackle COVID-19 by automatically limiting the number of people in the barbershop at any given time thus helping maintain social distancing/mass gathering when it is safe to reopen again.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment – Grade A masks have been purchased for barbers to wear during services and training in the proper use of masks will be given to each barber at the barbershop. Gloves will be worn and then disposed of after every client.
  3. Hygiene – We’ve always been a very clean, safe and hygiene concerned barbershop, but now more then ever we will be upping our standards even more as a duty of care to the client and barbers. Hands will be washed then sanitised thoroughly after every service. Stations will be wiped down then sanitised after every service. Door handles/commonly touched areas will also be sanitised very regularly. Equipment will be disinfected in Barbicide (see next paragraph) after every service and then changed at the end of every working day. Hand sanitiser will be placed at the entrance for clients to use at their leisure when they enter and leave the premises.
  4. Barbicide – Barbicide is the bright blue liquid you’ve probably always seen when in a Barbers, it is the world leading product in disinfectant wipes, sprays and solutions used by barbers everywhere. It kills HIV, Hepatitis and numerous pathogenic organisms, so this product we use will be sure to give Coronavirus a run for its money. We have also taken their online certifications in the past and now even their most recent certification in the knowledge and prevention of COVID19 in the barbershop. We have made sure all tests were understood then passed with a 100%. These certificates will be printed and then displayed for you to see in the barbershop to give you that extra peace of mind whilst having your service.
  5. Certain things to be put on hold – As we reopen certain things will have to be put on pause to allow us a more safe and gradual ease back into post lockdown service. Beard trims, cut throat shaves and facial services will not be available until we believe it’s safe to do so, once we have decided when that is we shall let everyone know then open them up again on our online booking system. Our complimentary coffee will be paused. Only 1 parent, guardian or carer to be with someone if necessary. Grooms packages of more then 2 people will be put on hold and all deposits will be returned in vouchers to the lead booker for you to spend on services or products as you wish. Handshakes, this one cuts the deepest but its for the best and I personally look forward to a good handshake once this all blows over.

It’s going to be a tough time for all businesses restarting again when lockdown is lifted, but it’s so important to remember on the other hand there’s been a lot of businesses and more importantly people that have worked through this crisis and will continue to work through after it comes to an end. So for that I am truly grateful and will make sure that when I return to the barbershop I am doing all I can possibly do to make sure the work those key workers did and will continue to do for us during this pandemic has not been taken for granted. Meaning we have a safe environment to work in and our clients have a safe environment to be in.

Jason Blyth