Getting Your Childs First Haircuts

One of the nicest things we get to do at our Barbershop is cuts for kids and how the mums and dads tell us how hard it is to find a suitable barbers for the child. The hair industry is growing fast and trends and fashions are coming and going quicker than ever, where as when I was young  getting a all over kids are now going to school with the most recent hairstyle and the latest fashion. To find some where that can cope with cutting a kids hair and cutting it into a fashionable style as well can be tricky. The decision for the first time having to take your little gent to get their Childs First Haircuts and find somewhere you can trust and feel safe.

The 6 types of Child

Mr Happy who sits with a smile on his face and let’s you get on with it and they mind their own business, this is the barbers favourite because they are in a world of their own and let you do what you have to do. They don’t need reminding from their parents to sit still of behave.

A child who knows what they want ,can be hard to cut because they tell you the style and you do it but somewhere down the line they feel as if your doing it wrong and need re ensuring of what your cutting, quite often they get the same haircut every time and even though you did it right the first 9 times they still don’t trust you on the 10th.

The one with a picture of the cut they want can be very frustrated because quite often the picture is virtually impossible to achieve and the complete opposite hair type to complete the haircut. These little gents need to understand we cannot make hair grow unfortunately.

The mummy’s boy is very hard to get in the chair as all he wants to do is call to his mother. He is very scared of getting handed over to Edward scissor hands for some reason they imagine us to be evil weird scientists. When you do eventually get them in the chair they have to be sure mummy’s still there and move their head to look every 10-15 seconds.

Mini me is a very funny character, you see them pull up with their dad trying to peep over the dash, they get out start walking into the shop wearing the same outfit as there father. The little gent just watches as his father explains what he wants and when is over its the little gents turn to get the same haircut. They put their hands out at the end with a big smile on their face for the aftershave and when they get it walk away all smug to there bigger selves.

The kicker and screamer , the one where it’s physically impossible to even drag them into the shop, makes a Scene and other kids get scared.



Tips to make your life easier.

1, Pick a little gent friendly barbershop

Try and pick a barbershop that welcomes little gents. Many do not like cutting childrens hair and will often refuse. Speak to friends and family or search social media to find one that has the time and patience to look after your young man.

2, Speak to the barbershop

Let them know if it is their first ever hair cut or if you know they don’t like having their hair cut – don’t just keep it to yourself because you are worried what they might think. If the barbershop knows in advance they will often book more time out in case the appointment runs over. You will also discover if they are happy to cut your little gents hair.

3, Practice at home

Relaxation is they key. The child has to trust someone playing with their hair. If you can’t get near your kids hair the barber will have no chance, the best way to achieve this is to start washing drying and styling your little gents hair for them to gain trust with someone touching their head.

4, Choose the best time

Choose a time that your lad doesn’t mind coming in to the shop. Even if they just pop In to get to know the barber before they book for a hair cut. Don’t bring the little gent in when they are tired and not in a good mood. Make sure they are in a positive mindset to sit up in the chair. Don’t force them to come, try and book a appointment for their most relaxed times of the day.

5, Distractions

If your little gent has got a toy or object which he doesn’t want to leave the house without make sure you bring it to make them feel warm and comfortable, this will take their minds off the cutting process and will give the barber something to talk to them about to help relax them and make them feel at ease.

6, Confirm the appointment

If you have a impatient little gent always try to ring the shop before heading out and make sure they are running on time because the last thing you want is your little guy getting restless and impatient waiting, if the shop is running late.

7, Get to know the stylist

The barber should try and talk to your child and build a bond with them. Eventually a relationship will build and your little gent would not be happy having anyone else cut their hair. If he does not know or trust the barber they could panic. Barber shops are scary for young kids, who are just starting the cycle of having their haircut.

8, If you know

You are the parent and you know your little gent better than anyone else . If you know your little gent has a crown or a cows lick or a mole, let the barber know and this will make his time a lot easier and be able to focus on the job without discovering new obstacles.

9, Get involved

If the barber is struggling to engage with your child you should get involved, talk to them and pay attention. The little gent is comfortable around you and it will put them to ease if you act like nothing major is happening.

10, Never restrain your child

If the experience is going badly the worst possible thing to do is hold your little gent down, this will make them feel like it’s a punishment, the best thing to do its to pop them out of the chair explain that it’s nothing bad and perhaps let them watch someone else getting their haircut to show its not s scary thing.

11, Rewarding your child

If you feel your little gent has sat well give them a little reward, if they haven’t don’t because then next time they know to sit well for a treat. We always have a jar of lollipops to reward the kids (and sometimes the parents).



The most important aspect of getting your childs hair cut is the barber .If they take their time and get to know your kids then you are more likely to have a painless experience. We have all been at the stage of being scared of a barber, the best thing to do it find a barber that makes your little gent happy and be in and out as quick as you can. Children get bored very quickly and are more conscious about their hair nowadays, more than they have ever been, so find a barber who can match the quality and style they are wanting.

Find the Right Hair Style

Little gents tend to want the same haircut as their friends at school so check the barbers social media pages and there should be photos up of the cuts they have done recently.

3 Great places to find your little gents next hair style…..

Mens Hairstyles Club
I hope this article helps you parents and gives you tips on any problems that maybe on your mind.

Kealan Wyllie