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The Bugsy’s Guide to Christmas Sandwiches

A few years ago a Christmas sandwich was something you ate Christmas Day in the evening or any point the few days after whilst food remained. These days though, the supermarkets have cottoned onto the fact that we all love em, and have started their very own war of the sandwiches. with these sandwiches already hitting the shelves we at have decided the least we can do to help you this Christmas is to review our favourites and help you make an informed decision about what to buy. We will be taking it upon ourselves to try and review the sandwiches, So here we have the battle of the sandwiches itself… LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE

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Cocktails in Kettering

Cocktails have always been one of those beverages that a gentleman would find difficult to order at a bar, I would imagine many other gents like myself found themselves looking over at the lady standing at the bar with a beautifully presented fruity & colourful contraption that you would love to be drinking yourself but were too embarrassed to order, so instead you just found yourself ordering a pint instead. But that’s not the case anymore, cocktails have exploded in the UK these past few years , defiantly the trend starting in London and spreading like wild fire to the rest of the Country. Bars and restaurants everywhere are creating and developing large ranges of delicious sounding cocktails on their drinks menus to keep up with high demand of people wanting to try new recipes each time.

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5 Local beers from Northamptonshire

This article is about 5 local beers from Northamptonshire area to help you chaps quench your thirst this summer. Over the past 3 years Britain has gone crazy over words like Craft, Local, Vintage and Ale.

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5 Top Indian Curry Houses in Kettering

Ever just sitting at home wanting a great Indian curry at a traditional Indian curry house and you are not sure where to go. then check 5 of our favourite restaurants for that great curry experience.

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