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Bugsys and COVID

It’s a difficult time we’re all living in so far in 2020. This pandemic has suddenly paused normal life and the modern world as we know it. However, there is beauty and hope as we pull together in attempt to rebuild the damage. Some have done this by putting on their NHS badge and selflessly walking into the firing line and others have done this by simply staying at home.We’re all learning something new during these tough months and if we can take anything positive out of the experience then it can make it all worth while for a better quality of life in the present and a brighter future for the world

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Staying in this winter, a film for every occasion

Summer is well and truly over. It’s a fact, but that doesn’t mean you have be miserable. Autumn follows with its beautiful colours and scenery and all the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire night, and a trip outside is still enjoyable you just need an extra layer or two. What follows next though for some people really is bad. The dreaded winter however winter is a great time of year. Perfect for spending quality time with family and friends over Christmas and weekends. As if by magic ITV wheel out the winter film selection And run it every weekend. However I like many of you. Have seen these films countless times, so I’ve put together a list of ten films for all kids of occasions for you to watch over the winter.

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The Bugsy’s Guide to Christmas Sandwiches

A few years ago a Christmas sandwich was something you ate Christmas Day in the evening or any point the few days after whilst food remained. These days though, the supermarkets have cottoned onto the fact that we all love em, and have started their very own war of the sandwiches. with these sandwiches already hitting the shelves we at have decided the least we can do to help you this Christmas is to review our favourites and help you make an informed decision about what to buy. We will be taking it upon ourselves to try and review the sandwiches, So here we have the battle of the sandwiches itself… LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE

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Get That Barbershop Finish At Home

We all know that feeling at the end of a haircut. You’ve got that new style you wanted and it looks perfect. The rest of the day you keep looking at your fantastic new hair in anything with a slight reflection and people keep complementing you. Life is good. Until the next morning that is when you jump out the shower and no matter what you do you cannot get your hair to look anything like it did yesterday. Well the reason for that is most probably because you lack the tools. Guys don’t always have too much in the way of hair styling products and items. So we have put together this list of things you need to recreate that perfect barbershop hair style.

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Peaky Blinders haircuts and styles

Peaky Blinders, The British television drama that made every gentleman in the UK want to have a brummy accent, wear a baker boy cap and most importantly have a Peaky Blinder of a haircut. For those of you who haven’t seen the show; two things, firstly please do question yourself & secondly, make sure to watch it!

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Great Beard Washing Products

Beards are massive. In every sense of the word. The popularity of the beard has soared, and we’re not talking small beards. We’re talking ZZ Top style lumberjack beards. Beards so big they’re on the verge of no longer being a beard and becoming a thicket. This has necessitated the rise of beard products. Beards much like the hair on the top of your head, needs to be looked after if you want it to look its best, and so we now have beard brushes and combs, moustache wax, beard balm and beard oil all becoming massive in their own right. But i want to take a look at what comes before those.

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Cocktails in Kettering

Cocktails have always been one of those beverages that a gentleman would find difficult to order at a bar, I would imagine many other gents like myself found themselves looking over at the lady standing at the bar with a beautifully presented fruity & colourful contraption that you would love to be drinking yourself but were too embarrassed to order, so instead you just found yourself ordering a pint instead. But that’s not the case anymore, cocktails have exploded in the UK these past few years , defiantly the trend starting in London and spreading like wild fire to the rest of the Country. Bars and restaurants everywhere are creating and developing large ranges of delicious sounding cocktails on their drinks menus to keep up with high demand of people wanting to try new recipes each time.

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5 Local beers from Northamptonshire

This article is about 5 local beers from Northamptonshire area to help you chaps quench your thirst this summer. Over the past 3 years Britain has gone crazy over words like Craft, Local, Vintage and Ale.

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Dapper Dan Mens Grooming Products

Dapper Dan Mens Grooming Products, made out of frustration of other products not being good enough was developed in 2011 in the lovely city of Sheffield. They wanted to be able to fulfil a product that was able too master the styles that other products couldn’t. Their products have been developed over a period of ten years by professionals from the hair industry. Wanting to create a unique styling range, the paste was developed in 2012 and it wasn’t long before it became the most versatile matt styler most hair professionals have seen. 2 years later they added the matt clay and the deluxe pomade to the collection as they believed that these are the perfect trio to fill the boots of every style. Dapper Dan always have the most friendly service with someone always in the office to take care of your enquiries and answer any queries.

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Great Style Tips For Men This Winter

Even though Great Britain does officially have 4 seasons, I believe us gentlemen only really focus on 2 seasons, which are summer and winter. Our wardrobe only really changes twice a year, where a ladies typically changes 4 times, so we all need some Style Tips For Men to keep us looking sharp. We go from jumpers to shorts and from coats to crocs… well hopefully not crocs but you know what I mean. Its important for us gents to stay in touch with what is relevant in a modern lifestyle because if we didn’t, then there would still be a lot of guys rocking a mullet in 2016 wouldn’t there?

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