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Cocktails in Kettering

Cocktails have always been one of those beverages that a gentleman would find difficult to order at a bar, I would imagine many other gents like myself found themselves looking over at the lady standing at the bar with a beautifully presented fruity & colourful contraption that you would love to be drinking yourself but were too embarrassed to order, so instead you just found yourself ordering a pint instead. But that’s not the case anymore, cocktails have exploded in the UK these past few years , defiantly the trend starting in London and spreading like wild fire to the rest of the Country. Bars and restaurants everywhere are creating and developing large ranges of delicious sounding cocktails on their drinks menus to keep up with high demand of people wanting to try new recipes each time.

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5 Local beers from Northamptonshire

This article is about 5 local beers from Northamptonshire area to help you chaps quench your thirst this summer. Over the past 3 years Britain has gone crazy over words like Craft, Local, Vintage and Ale.

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Dapper Dan Mens Grooming Products

Dapper Dan Mens Grooming Products, made out of frustration of other products not being good enough was developed in 2011 in the lovely city of Sheffield. They wanted to be able to fulfil a product that was able too master the styles that other products couldn’t. Their products have been developed over a period of ten years by professionals from the hair industry. Wanting to create a unique styling range, the paste was developed in 2012 and it wasn’t long before it became the most versatile matt styler most hair professionals have seen. 2 years later they added the matt clay and the deluxe pomade to the collection as they believed that these are the perfect trio to fill the boots of every style. Dapper Dan always have the most friendly service with someone always in the office to take care of your enquiries and answer any queries.

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Great Style Tips For Men This Winter

Even though Great Britain does officially have 4 seasons, I believe us gentlemen only really focus on 2 seasons, which are summer and winter. Our wardrobe only really changes twice a year, where a ladies typically changes 4 times, so we all need some Style Tips For Men to keep us looking sharp. We go from jumpers to shorts and from coats to crocs… well hopefully not crocs but you know what I mean. Its important for us gents to stay in touch with what is relevant in a modern lifestyle because if we didn’t, then there would still be a lot of guys rocking a mullet in 2016 wouldn’t there?

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Bedfordshire Beard Co

All of their grooming products are made in-house, in small batches by hand using only the finest ingredients. They truly pride themselves in dealing directly with the consumer and retailers. No middle men in sight.

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5 Top Indian Curry Houses in Kettering

Ever just sitting at home wanting a great Indian curry at a traditional Indian curry house and you are not sure where to go. then check 5 of our favourite restaurants for that great curry experience.

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Aftershave Classics That Are Still Great

4 Aftershave Classics That Are Still Great , if your looking for a great aftershave then you cant go far wrong with these 4 mens classics that have stood the test of time and still smell great.

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Bulova Watches For The Modern Gent

A watch, just like a great pair of shoes is something that is just so indulgent to a gentleman’s life. A great watch is essential to an outfit, it’s the item you will always put on last, placing it on your wrist and making those final adjustments to the strap and you are ready! Whether you’re dressing for work, the gym or for a sophisticated evening of cocktails & tapas, then your outfit and your evening is never truly complete without a watch.

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5 Great British Beard Balms

We have picked out 5 British made beard balms to will help you with your daily beard routine maintenance, so if it’s thick & full we will find the right balm, if it’s sparse we will find the right balm and if it’s a dry beard we will find the right beard balm. We will pick out unique features from each product which have been tested and reviewed over 72 hours on a man with a heavenly beard who works in the elements everyday as a postman. We are hoping this is one of many articles to help you gents out there in small but important life decisions.

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Top Tips For Healthy And Dapper Hair

Ever wondered why your hair looks and feels great some days and run down the others? well we hope this article will help you gents with everything you need to know about looking after your hair and grooming your hair. Surprisingly most men don’t realise washing their hair every morning and night is killing their hair . They wash their hair every time in the shower as a routine, also men don’t realise what products to use for the type of hair they have. I hope this article will help you gents out there keep your hair healthy and styled to perfection.

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