Watches, just like a great pair of shoes is something that is just so indulgent to a gentleman’s life. A great watch is essential to an outfit, it’s the item you will always put on last. Placing it on your wrist and making those final adjustments to the strap and you are ready! Whether you’re dressing for work, the gym or for a sophisticated evening of cocktails & tapas, then your outfit and your evening is never truly complete without a watch.

Define Your Style.

A watch can truly define your style and character, whether it’s how you want to be perceived or how others will perceive you it’s there non the less, from a handshake at a job interview, holding hands on a first date or signing the register on your wedding day, it’s there as a point of focus for yourself and others.

A recent article on ‘what are the first 10 things people look for when meeting for the first time’  shows that their dress sense was number 3 (Sexual Orientation & looks being 1st & 2nd). With watches being subcategorised as number 2 on that list (shoes being number 1) 

A style fundamental.

I’m writing this article because I truly believe watches are more important to a gentleman than we all think, with mobile phones being essential in the modern day we check our phones for the time before we even look at our watch, it looks more professional & classy to flick your wrist round to tell the time.
Gentlemen typically do not wear any jewellery so it’s normally a guaranteed talking topic for gents, asking to look at the watch, what make it is and where it was from are typically the questions we ask each other, unless you get trapped in a conversation with a very knowledgeable chap that knows everything about watches asking you about what mechanisms control the handles or what is the average battery life of the watch and you just nod politely as you only purchased it because it looked nice.

Working as a gentleman’s barber in an appointment barbershop, its highly important to deliver the best service I can and being on time for my clients appointments is a huge part of that. If my clients are on time for their appointments and I am running overtime, it already means the gentleman waiting is not getting the service they were looking for and Indeed the service they were promised, as nobody likes waiting too long. So a good watch is essential in my trade, from knowing how long the hot towel has been on the face during a cut throat shave service to when I or my barbers should start to look at picking up the pace slightly during day to day haircuts.

The things I look for in watches.


• How it looks, how it fits in with my daily attire and my personality.
• I work 11 hours most days so I need a watch that is not going to irritate me or leave a mark on my wrist when I take it off.
• I love quality and I understand you pay for what you get but I personally need a watch that is a fair price, something I’m not scared to wear everyday due to fear of damaging it.
Water resistant
• I work with water a lot in the day and something that will last with splash of water hitting it from time to time.
Brand history
• I love interesting facts and stories about brands, where they started, what they’ve done different to their competitors etc. Something to talk about.

A little bit about Bulova.

Bulova is an American brand of watches, it’s famously known for its innovation, craftsmanship and advanced technology. Since 1875 when founder Joseph Bulova opened his store on Maiden Lane in downtown Manhattan, Bulova has remained true to his legacy, the brand has continued to master the classic art of timekeeping whilst always looking to and embracing the future.

The Brand

• Built on a unique selling proposition that delivers the highest quality at the best value.
• Bulova is a recognized leader in diamond and high-performance sport timekeeping, with a wide range of watches including the ultra-accurate Precisionist and an extensive selection of styles for dress, sport and casual wear, at a wide choice of price points.
• Always crafted of the finest materials, including hypoallergenic 316L solid stainless steel, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, carbon fiber, top quality leather, and Duramic™ (Bulova’s exclusive ceramic/nylon composite).
• Bulova timepieces are protected by a three year limited warranty; Harley-Davidson by Bulova timepieces have a two year limited warranty.

The Curv Hero Watch.

When I first received this watch I could see straight away it was very different from the vast majority of watches I have seen on the market. It has truly stunning design features, I found myself just constantly holding and starring at this watch, discovering small features and shapes which never caught my eye upon first glance.
The Curv watch was a groundbreaking release for the brand and the industry, it debuted the worlds first curved chronograph movement watch and the collection advances technical engineering with a sleek ergonomic design and a slim case that has not previously been achieved in a chronograph movement.

Modern Style.

The watch has a sapphire glass front and a titanium steel case in a dark gun metal grey that looks and feels fantastic (especially that touch of rose gold that really stands out), the case style seems to work especially well when it links to the strap which is in a black rugged rubber with a subtle diagonal pattern along the length of it, finishing off with a 3 piece buckle closure.
The curved structure of the case allows it to follow the wrist smoothly which made it a very snug and comfortable watch to wear. Also being able to read the time easily from any angle was fantastic, it’s not something I normally look out for in a watch but it works so well.
The weight of the watch whilst holding it was a little heavy but as soon as it was strapped to the wrist I could barley feel anything and almost forgot at times I was wearing it, which is a real bonus, especially as a being a barber my hands are raised for the majority of the day during haircuts & shaves.  
The Curv watch did seem to pick up a small amount of daily dust quicker then other watches during day to day life, but due to its rubber strap, titanium steel case and sapphire glass face, a quick wipe on the old waistcoat seem to fix that pretty sharpish.
I would highly recommend the Curv Hero as a great sports watch, with it’s sleek design, 30m water resistance and pure comfort alone. 
The watch can be found on Www.bulova.com for £699, which for the watch is true investment to any gent. http://www.bulova.com/collections/bulova-curv

“It can be said that the Bulova Curv collection has set a historic new benchmark of excellence for the watch industry”
(I couldn’t agree more)

The Bulova Moon Watch.

On August 2, 1971, Apollo 15’s mission commander, the seventh man to walk on the moon and the first to drive the Lunar Rover, wore his personally-gifted Bulova moon pilot chronograph. Customized for lunar conditions by the company’s engineers, the legendary watch was used to precisely track time and ensure that no one ran out of oxygen, water or battery power in the portable life support system backpack during the lunar walk…no small feat!
45 years later, astronaut Dave Scott’s Bulova watch sold for a record amount of $1.6 Million at auction, This was a truly historic moment not only for the collector community, but for Bulova corporation as well.The original watch was engineered for lunar conditions, withstanding pressures of changing atmospheric conditions, fluctuating temperatures and gravitational shifts.
If you’re planning to take a trip to the moon and would like to own this watch then you are in luck (don’t worry you won’t have to pay $1.6 million) Bulova have recently created a special edition replica version of this watch at a more earthly price of £440.

The History.

I’m not sure if it’s because I already knew about the history of the Bulova watch design and its trip to our planets moon, but whilst holding, inspecting and wearing the watch all I could think about was space, it truly does represent everything we here on earth imagine space and the craft being launched out of our atmosphere to be like. With simplistic use of colours on the face of the watch, the bright white hands turning so accurately on the black pitch black background, to me in a way, really resembles the crisp white moon orbiting the earth far out in the blackness of space. 
When focusing directly at the face of the watch past its sapphire glass, there did seem to be a lot going on, the three inner dials and the tachymeter made it feel very similar to that of a compass, it seems to have been designed in a way that it is only massively noticeable when you’re concentrating on those points.
The watch itself comes with two straps, the main strap is very simple, a black leather strap in a textured pattern/finish, enough to stay simple but also enough to not be boring. The second strap is the replica of the original, a nylon black velcro strap with a leather patch stamped with the exact date that commemorates the date of the mission, a fantastic touch which makes this watch that much more of a collectible to those who are interested in watches and lunar missions. I would personally keep the Velcro strap inside the box to keep it in a nice condition unless you’re a fan of Velcro watches I believe it’s just a nice add on to make it more of a prized collectible.

Solidly Built.

The Moon Watch had a really good weight to it, I could tell no expense was spared in the making of it, with an outstanding 50m water resistance it seems to be no problem at all when dealing with the atmospheric pressure of water as well as space.
I would recommend this as either an everyday casual watch but more as just a fantastic collectible, it was a great watch to talk about whilst wearing it, a real interesting topic of conversation for me and my clients to talk about. But I would much prefer to see it in its box safe & sound,  staying in mint condition … As you never know when you will take that long awaited trip to the moon.

The Bulova Automatic Watch (21 jewels).

The automatic collection has a wide range of classic watches with compelling designs, open apertures and exhibition casebacks. The watches themselves are powered by only the natural motion of the arm. Which when designed and built correctly I personally believe it to be the only way forward in the world of watches, no more Inconvenient trips into the town for a new battery. 

Being a gentleman’s barber who wears his watch on his right wrist (I only found out that the right wrist was the wrong wrist a couple of years ago) it seems to be the perfect watch for me, my hands are always on the move whether it’s with a pair of scissors, hairdryer or cut throat razor, if I’m working then so is the watch. It became slightly addictive watching the mechanisms inside the see through skeleton case, constantly on the move powering this striking watch.

The strap on this watch was a real thinker for myself, it was a brown crocodile textured leather strap with a gold toned buckle which can only be described  as “fold over closure with pushers, safety bar and extenders” in all honesty I could not work out how to use it but after a few minutes of playing around with it I figured it out. The metal part acts as a safety strap securing the watch to the leather strap whilst also customising it to your wrist, similar to that you would find on a metal watch, it’s very handy as it will fit all wrist sizes and eliminates that process of having links taken out of the strap.

Real Comfort.

The watch was a real comfort to wear and it did not irritate me when working, which is actually quite rare to find in a watch that I would have no problem wearing along side a suit to a wedding.  It also is a watch I could happily wear all day as my casual wrist piece and when it comes to a special occasion I could still wear it and feel good about it, usually I would have to switch up my watches from casual to dress but this little number can defiantly pull off both.
The price of the watch is £349.99, which is such a fair price for something that you could wear pretty much all day for any occasion, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it for sporting activities but then again it is not a sports watch.

Whether you are fan of the classic look or not this is without a doubt a stunning watch, everything about it really does scream class. It reminds me of a watch that would have completed the outfit of a well dressed dapper gentleman in 1940’s and for that to be created in such a modern way whilst keeping its traditional class is truly extraordinary.
Over 140 years ago Bulova started with beautiful watches and great values that can still be seen today in their business, design and craftsmanship, easily making them one of the worlds top brands to be seen in the world of watches.


Jason Blyth