At Bugsys Gentlemans Barber we believe getting to know our customers is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. We also want our customers to feel relaxed by knowing who the Bugsys team are and why we do what we do. We are also always keeping our eye open for new talent, so if you feel you could fit into the Bugsys Team, then please email us your details and we will keep it on record.

Jason Blyth

barber hair cuts men kettering


The original reason I wanted to become a gentlemans barber was a few years ago I was working in retail and decided I wanted to go travelling and see more of what the world had to offer, I thought to myself I needed to learn a skill/trade that I could take anywhere in world on my travels and always be able earn a bit of pocket money to help keep myself going if my funds got too low.

Kyle Dix

Kyle Dix Mens Barber


I’ve always had a passion for men’s hair and I wanted to work doing something creative that wasn’t a strict 9-5. Barbering seemed like the most logical step. I began researching men’s hair and barbering and fell in love with it.