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The Beard Came Back

Over the past 5 years we have seen beards grow and grow not only in size but in popularity. You can’t always pinpoint exactly where it started, but it’s usually a Hollywood celebrity, just like how Peaky Blinders in 2012 brought back the iconic 1920’s hairstyle we see on gents everywhere today with shaved sides and a heavy undercut on top, it would have been the same for the beard. Doing a little bit of internet searching I’m going to pin the return of the beard to down to George Clooney who was snapped by many photographers on the red carpet at the Oscars in 2012. After seeing these pictures many guys around the world then contemplated and started to grow a beard, whether it was to please a partner or just try something different, pandoras box was opened releasing the beard into the modern world.

One thing was for certain, with the sudden increase in men’s facial hair… the market was lacking massively in professional beard products, you wouldn’t see beard products on the shelves like you would today, you would most likely have to search online for the few ranges that were available at the time. Tom Dowie established Bedfordshire Beard Co in 2014 when he began making oils and balms for himself and friends as at the time, the market was missing any high quality natural beard care products. Bedfordshire Beard Co has gone from strength to strength and today, the business is run by Tom and girlfriend Caitlin.  Both of whom share the same passion, to create high quality grooming products for the modern gentleman.

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Hand Made In House

All of their grooming products are made in-house, in small batches by hand using only the finest ingredients. They truly pride themselves in dealing directly with the consumer and retailers. No middle men in sight, so you can be assured that you’re buying from people who know the brand from the ground up and the products inside out.  Excellent customer service seems to be the forefront of their company ethos.

They now hold a wide range of male grooming products such as Balms, Oils, Washes, shaving range, Gift Sets and even apparel! They really do have all areas covered. Even the range of scents from a sweet mango scent all the way to a musky woody sawmill, their range really will suit the nostrils of guys and gals all over the world.

Not only are their products made to the highest of standards so is their website and branding, I was introduced to them in September 2015 and since then i have watched their website and brand increase every single day, its very clean cut and easy to use with fantastic  pictures and photography to support it. Not a lot of brands support their products with photography but Bedfordshire Beard Co spare no expense when doing so.

Im going to be reviewing 3 of their products Beard Oil, Beard Balm and Beard Wash, showing you guys exactly what to expect when using them.

Bedfordshire Beard Co Balm

What is a balm?

A Beard balm is a product that is used to shape and style the beard just like you would with hair styling waxes, gels and pastes. Its thick yet oily texture should help to moisturise your beard preventing split ends whilst giving off a natural shine & holding those loose hair in place.

Bedfordshire Beard Co Vanilla Beard Balm barbershop Kettering

BBCo Balms (Bedfordshire Beard Co) come in a generously sized 60ml tin, the size is big enough to last a fair amount of time and small enough to be able carry around in your coat pocket for those emergency application situations. The balms are created using a blend of the finest oils, butters and waxes to ensure a deep condition is achieved whilst giving a light hold to the beard. The balms like all of their products are made in small batches in-house and then hand poured into containers. The process of how they make the balms is defiantly reflected onto the finished product, the silky smooth top reminds me of peeling open a packet of real butter Lurpak and seeing that even finish that you cant wait to spread on your bread… i’m talking about butter here, don’t be spreading balm on your toast chaps.

A pea size amount of balm is ideal for great all over coverage, but more can be added if you wish to have a stronger smell and hold. As soon as the balm was rubbed into the palm of my hands the smell of vanilla exploded into the air, people near me asked what that glorious smell was that had invaded their snout. It seemed to be quite important to thoroughly work this product through the beard and not just on the outer layer, i really dug deep into the beard too ensure the skin was also seeing the benefit of the balm.

The smell held on the bearded gentleman for around 5-6 hours before it lost its initial intensity, which was really good considering it faces the elements a lot more then a hair product would as its constantly being battered by wind, clothing and food. The balm wasn’t greasy at all but did give of a little glisten to show it was doing its job properly, it could still be reworked all day which is a real important factor to a good balm.
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Bedfordshire Beard Co Oil

What is an oil?

A beard Oils main purpose is to condition the beard, a lot of people think it is for styling but that is what the balm is for. A beard can and will drain the natural oils the are contained within the skin, that is why when growing a beard you have the very itchy stage that a lot of gents don’t make it past, its not the beard that is itching it is the skin underneath that is becoming dry due to the beard acting like a weed and stealing the skins moisture. This can easily be prevented by adding suitable and additional oils onto the beard, feeding its hunger and smelling great the same time.

Bedfordshire Beard Co Dark Mango Beard Oil barbershop Kettering

Bedfordshire Beard Co oils come in 2 different sizes 10ml which is great for choosing which scent you like best and perfect for day trips (I would advise not putting it in your pocket). The bigger size is 30ml, both sizes come in a lovely little glass bottle with a glass pipette so you can always apply the exact amount of oil needed for the job. I applied the recommended 6 drops into my palms and rubbed evenly on my hands before working it into gentleman’s beard and skin, again an instant burst of mango filled the air of the barbershop, even though it was the beginning of November it felt like the middle of summer when the mango spread its wings out of the bottle.

The sweet smell of mango lasted all day for the chap and after 4 days of applying 6 drops in the morning and 2 at night there was a very noticeable difference in the beards texture and feel. A comb could easily be run through the beard where it was near impossible before he started to use their product.
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Bedfordshire Beard Co Wash

What is a beard wash?

This should be a very simple product to describe, a beard wash is used to properly rid the beard of the daily dirt, grime and food that the beard will attract like a magnet throughout the day, especially food particles that find their way into it during a meal. It strips the beard of this grime reducing the beard of bacteria. Another bonus to the beard wash is it correctly removes oils and balms that you apply to it in the day, this will reduce product build up and will make the beard easier to style the following day.

Bedfordshire Beard Co Dark Sawmill Beard Wash barbershop Kettering

The hair on your head is extremely different to the rest of the hair on your body and needs a specific wash to suit that hair type, that regular shampoo yooou see in your bathroom just doesn’t cut the mustard!

Bedfordshire Beard Co washes come in 2 sizes, a 50ml which is ideal for a holiday product and can easily fit into your hand luggage. The other size is a big old 250ml which is perfect  for your bathroom companion. They also come in 2 scents a mango and a sawmill for that sweet or musky smell. They have really kept things natural with this product freeing it of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which is commonly found in many household products, in other words its a detergent that will break the molecules of your skin, BBCo have not gone down that path and only use the highest quality natural ingredients.

The sawmill wash is a perfect choice if you are using a sweet smelling oil as you really get to experience the difference in scents, i always recommend using different scented oils, balms and products just so you don’t get bored of a smell.

The beard wash effortlessly stripped the beard of the products that were used in the day but because it is a wash you should always apply a little bit of beard oil after to condition it as its not designed to condition beards. The beard wash also doubled up as a lovely body wash, but never use it above the beard chaps, stick to shampoo for your hair.
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This article should not only help you understand what products are but how to use them remember its…

  • Beard wash first to cleanse the beard
  • Beard oil second to condition the beard
  • Beard balm to shape and style the beard

And at the end of this process you will walk out of your house smelling like a lumberjacks handbag.

Bedfordshire Beard Co have truly put so much attention to detail in their products, branding and the personal customer service you will receive every time you get in touch with them. It’s because of that attention too detail that has gained them such a massive reputation in the gentlemans barber industry and beard industry.


Jason Blyth