Aftershave Classics That Are Still Great

Aftershave was originally made for skin care after shaving, it would moisturise your skin, clean out your pores and close them with its alcohol base. Today most men use aftershave for its scent, fragrance and to create their own identity.The market of aftershave is used not for what it originally does but for how it smells and how long it lasts.

Mens Style

Aftershave is a very important part of a gentleman’s outfit. The appearance of a man is the first thing you notice but as you come closer the thing you will always remember is the smell. As the scent trails it lingers upon the nostrils and you smell it for a few seconds once they have past. I believe it’s the second thing people are attracted to you by and is also a great conversation starter in a flirty environment .

The traditional way of applying aftershave would be on the neck and clothes, but studies have shown it is better to apply onto dry skin straight from the shower when skin is still warm and spray each side of your neck and rub into your wrists. Avoid spraying onto clothes as this smell will wear or even develop a musky stench to it.

In this article I am trying to work out the difference between high end ,budget and high street aftershaves, that have been around for many years. I have then chucked in what I believe is the hidden gem which I feel anyone can buy and will get compliments on.


Crabtree & Evelyn was founded by Cyrus Harvey over 40 years ago inspired by John Evelyn who was a 17th century visionary. Started as a small family run business that specialised in quality made soups to a world know international company with over 500 stores. They were embracing the power of using natural products and ingredients from fruit , flowers and plant Essenes before it was a common thing to use which I believe it was one of the reasons it became so established.

Crabtree & Evelyn mens aftershave barbershop mens hair

Crabtree & Evelyn mens aftershave for mens style and fashion

Crabtree & Evelyn’s branding is so peaceful and beautiful. It gives off the natural feeling still , as soon as you go on the website it is so basic but is bordered with a lovely floral feel to it. The packaging to all products are very basic and has the information you need to know but is very clean and peaceful.

The packaging to this product is very clean looking, it’s not the nicest boxing they do but it give a more manly bold effect suppose to the soft delicacy effect. The bottle itself again is plain and simple. A very smooth, clear, high quality glass in a square shape with imprinted edges that gives it a very subtle effect. The logo is a thin outline in black, with a gloss black top cap which gives a very gentlemanly feel to it.

This aftershave itself is beautiful. A clear liquid of natural substances with a very fruity manly smell. I applied this aftershave in the morning it is now 19:50 and I still smell the scent leaking off me, after a while the scent became a lovely fruity smell which had similarities to Fentamins cherry cola.

High End Aftershave

I’m listing this as a more high end aftershave, even though you can pick that particular one up for £30 for 100ml bottle their range goes to £140. I’m choosing this as the high end because it has a more gentlemanly feel and you have to go out your way to buy it. You won’t find it in your local shop and the quality of product they produce is beautiful.


Calvin Klein was founded in 1968 in New York and a year later appeared on the front of a vogue magazine, it wasn’t long before they started adding collections like sportswear and underwear. Everyone in the world today knows Calvin Klein and although they weren’t the the first to do it, when they released this unisex fragrance in 1994 it really took off. Everyone now associates Calvin Klein with the top urban celebrities after having the most well know celebs modelling their products.

aftershave Calvin Klein One mens hair styles

Calvin Klein One Aftershave at Bugsys Barbers for mens hair

For such a large well know company the packaging to this is very plain and boring but Calvin Klein’s style is very plain and bold. The bottle itself is very cheap and has a very high mass  production feel to it like is hasn’t had the most tender loving care, but when your selling the quantity they do you understand. The glass to the aftershave is frosted that gives off a VIP feel to it. The bottle looks good to pull out of that black leather Calvin Klein business bag but taking a close look it lets the brand down.

Budget Aftershave

Putting aside the packaging and bottle the aftershave has a very gentlemanly scent to it. With rich scents of bergamot, lemon and mandarin this has a lovely fruity smell but does unfortunately wear off really easily. You can now pick up a bottle of this for around £10 in a 50ml and for such a large well know designer brand that is very cheap and is the reason it is my budget aftershave.


Diesel only the brave is a aftershave I have used for a few years now and would be rude not to review it because I do seem to choose it over anything else on the SuperDrug shelf. Diesel doesn’t go that far back in history, with it only starting in 1978 and fragrance ranges launching in 2007. Even though the director Renzo Rosso only called it diesel because it was easily understood and spoken all around the world it didn’t take long for the brand to excel. Everyone knows diesel as a great quality but affordable brand. All products are made with the best materials and have the best printing. It became a really manly brand and only the brave range worked very well In the diesel range.

Diesel Only The Brave mens aftershave mens hair grooming

Diesel Only The Brave mens aftershave at Bugsys Barbers

The branding of Diesel is massive with a lot of money going into the quality of marketing and the website. The box of this product is highly disappointing as its a standard white box with diesel only that brave written on it. What’s Inside the box makes up for it, a beautifully sculpted fist made of glass with the solid silver look diesel knuckle duster giving it a very manly touch. The quality of the glass container is very good with the lid and sprayer being a very solid build. The glass itself is very strong, I had dropped it many times and never smashed.

High Street Aftershave

The aftershave itself is very distinctive, virtually everyday when I wear it someone says “is that only the brave your wearing”. Anyone from the young early teens to adults in their twenties love this aftershave, it’s a very lovable scent which gives off a very sweet fruity smell once applied but then develops into a masculine musky smell. After it develops into this masculine scent it then slowly wears of more and more. Unfortunately the smell doesn’t last as long as others. How the bottle itself is made it would be very easy to keep it on you all day as its strong structure and doesn’t take up much room, you could easily get it out for a top up. The bottles range from 50ml to 200ml ranging from £30 to £52. It’s a very reasonably priced aftershave for a well know designer make. You can get this most shops and this is why I’m labelling it my high street aftershave in the article.


Lynx began in 1983. It didn’t late long before it become the brand every boy was using. since it started Lynx has expanded to include new scents and products and is now the UK’s number one male grooming brand. The brand that every teenage boy was using is now used by millions of men everyday as their daily fragrance and everyday in the shower before they go to the office. Lynx truly has made history and I am testing this product in my article because I believe it’s a game changer and is going to make it a lot harder for other brands to compete.

Lynx Daily Fragrance Aftershave mens scents grooming style

Lynx Daily Fragrance Aftershave for gents grooming at Bugsys barbers Kettering

This is a very new range in the Lynx company and it has taken off very well, it’s more like a aftershave for everyday wear which gives off a expensive unique smell at a very budget price. The scent tested was Tobacco & Amber which smells extreamly close to Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille which is £140 more expensive. You can tell it’s not made with the same care but my god it does smell nice, it has a real husky, raw smokey edge to it but also you can smell a sweet side. This product gives off a really manly scent which is hard to stop smelling. The only complaint I have about the smell is it could be a little stronger and last longer but at £5.99 I’m more than happy to buy another bottle.

Hidden Gem

Lynx is a massive brand and doesn’t need to use any more marketing skills but for £5.99 the packaging is a very nice finish. The satin black effect gives it a exclusive feel to it and doesn’t look out of place on shelves with expensive fragrances. The bottle comes in 100ml which is more than enough for the price and seems to last for a very long time when you think your running out, the bottle itself is very well put together and sprays out a smooth consistent spray. I’ve had 3 of these bottles not and not one has broke on me. Overall this product is excellent and Lynx have another scent called Iced Musked & Ginger which is also very nice. I hope to see the range expand and maybe improve on the scent lasting longer but this is definitely at the top of my list and is the hidden gem in this article.

“Kealan Wyllie”