Keep your summer hair fresh

Summer hair is here, but with it being here means problems and hazards that you chaps don’t normally have to worry about in the winter months. Men should be over protective in taking the best care for their summer hair. It is very important to protect the hair from the heat of the sun (well maybe not so much in this country) but as you remain outside for the majority of the day, the direct sunlight may make the hair appear really dull and shine less. Gentlemen come across several problems in regards to their hair and beard in the summer a few tips for you chaps to make summer more bearable.

Cut it back

Shorter hair is always an advantage, the best way to maintain your hair in the heat is simply to cut it down, thin it down or even shave it off (no defiantly don’t shave it off). Hairs main purpose is to stop heat escaping from the top of the head, if it’s nice and warm then those thick locks are going to make for an uncomfortable nights sleep. I suggest taking your normal style down a grade, so if your haircut is a No2 back and sides then take it down to an No1 or if you’re feeling adventurous a 0.5.

Take out the weight

Thinning and texturising the hair is also great for longer styles as your not losing the length, you’re just creating a more free feeling style, so if you can run your fingers through our hair with ease then imagine what the summer breeze is going to feel like.

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mens haircuts this summer

Curly locks

If your naturally curly then you probably fear the summer or going on holiday to a hot destination because we all know what humidity will do to those curls! I like to think everybody should embrace their natural style and work with it, sea salt spray is perfect for defining those curls and making them look less of a mess. Creating that surfer look is something I personally love and will never really fade away in style.

Stay protected

Sun protection for your summer hair and scalp is important whilst you’re outside and exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun. The effects from the sun will have the same effects to your hair as it would your skin, so burning and dry hair due to loss of moisture is inevitable. Sun and scalp protection lotion is available to purchase in most places where you buy sun cream.

The pain of pollen

If you are a sufferer from hay fever, the summer months in the uk are sometimes not as enjoyable to you as they could be, so an important thing to do is to try and cleanse the hair/beard daily to remove any excess pollen that would have found its onto your hair.

Think before you swim

The swimming pool is going to be top of your list during a summer holiday! Diving in making a splash whilst the rest of poolside look at you disgusted for some reason.  then remember to shampoo and condition properly so that your hair can return to its natural PH balance. Chlorine when added to water gives off an acidic element and even though it is weak it’s strong enough to strip summer hair of natural oils, this will make it feel straw like and dry. wearing a swimming cap is the best form of protection but at the end of the day you still got to look cool whilst walking out of the water.

Hats off to you sir

Don’t always wear a hat, it’s very easy to find yourself just throwing on a hat when you can’t get your hair looking sharp, but making a habit of it is bad news, I mean what happens to a patch of grass when you put a skip on it for a couple of weeks?! Try adding a few drops of Argan oil to your scalp and then put your hat on the oil and heat combined should help to stimulate the scalp naturally.

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Drop the tools

The modern man has lots of tools these days for making sure the hair is always in tip top condition. Over using hair dryers and straighteners in the summer is not good, the hair is more most in the summer months due to the sweat created buy humidity, so it will always take more time for the styling tools create that desired look, more time means more high heat added to the hair which then means more damage. However, if you really wanted to use a straightener or other tools then always use heat protection products to really create that extra barrier helping to preserve the quality of your hair.

Keep It Clean

Shampooing your hair on a regular basis is vital in hotter months as you naturally sweat more, the salt content that is left on the hair tends to damage the hair and its quality. Due to the sometimes unbearable heat and dust the scalp gets dirty very quickly, so washing your hair regularly is always important. When you chaps do wash it’s always good for you to use a herbal based shampoo and conditioner which will keep it I. The best condition with less chance of drying out and frizzing.

Holiday products

Theres always products you need when jetting off to your favourite beach destination this summer but you don’t want your 20kg taken up by hair products so here’s just a few to get you started…

Herbal shampoo and conditioner

You don’t want to be using the free shampoos the hotel has to offer they’re not the best.

Hair Sun Protection

It’s just as important as the skin as the hair is helping to protect that big old brain of yours.

A strong hold Matt clay

Your hair is going to be wet for a lot of your holiday even at night so don’t add a greasy product to it.


This needs no explanation chaps

Argan Oil

Hell to put back the oils lost in extreme heat.

By using the tips from this article in your daily routine at home or on holiday of cleaning, styling and protecting your hair you will find you have dapper hair all year round

“Jason Blyth