6 Steps for a groom to looking his best on the wedding day

Pride in the groom

When it comes to the big day and wedding hair for the gentleman, Bugsy’s isn’t focused about the Bride and Groom, Bugsy’s main focus is the Pride in the Groom! Making sure you gents have the right style for your wedding. I mean come on chaps apart from choosing the right suit what else do you have to worry about.

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1. Choosing & Creating a style

The good thing about choosing the right wedding hair style for your big day is you’ve got plenty of time to decide what you want, if you are struggling to find a style then here at Bugsy’s Kettering we are here to help. You are more then welcome to book in for a consultation to help decide what best fits your personal features and your wedding theme, if your wedding is vintage theme then we will go through vintages styles that help fit In with the theme. Once you’ve picked a wedding hair style you … ( And your partner ) are happy with then we can begin to start a programme on growing your hair into that desired style, the great thing is unless you are having a spontaneous wedding in Vegas, then you have plenty of time to grow the style you desire. If you’re going for a completely different look this gives time for you to get used to the style and see if it really is the style for you.
Being a barbershop styling men’s hair becomes a second nature to us, but we understand that most gents get frustrated when it comes to styling their own hair, frustration to a point where they just wash it and start styling it again!  We will go through and teach you the correct styling techniques for your new style. It’s not all about styling products when it comes to creating a perfect style, it’s a few different things that all come together to create that perfect style.

2. The type of shampoo and conditioner to use

It’s important to know what you should use to clean and condition your hair, I know walking into a shop and seeing all of the different varieties of shampoos can be quite daunting, but we will study your hair and help you narrow down to a select few types that best suit your hair to create that perfect balance, so it’s not too oily or not too dry this will effect the end result of styling your hair.

3. How often you should wash your hair

We know all hair is different, everyone’s hair grows at different rates just like everyone’s hair produces natural oils at different rates. It is important to know the natural cycle of when the best time to wash your hair is, the average for Caucasian hair is two – three days but again this depends on your hair type, if you have fine hair you will need to wash it more frequently maybe every 1-2 days, but thick hair and especially curly can go longer before needing to be washed.

4. What styling products to use

Again it can be daunting walking into a shop seeing all of the different types of styling products available, the last thing you want to do is pick a product in a shop once you’ve had a smell and it not work with your hairstyle. Once you pick a style then it’s very easy for us to advice you on what product you will need for desired style, we hold a great range of professional products perfect for the job that suit any style you wish to create.

5. How best to apply products

When it comes to styling your wedding hair, there are lots of different ways for lots of different hair types and styles. So its Important to know that you are applying the right amount of product to you hair, whether or not you need to apply product to your hair whilst it is wet, this information and much more is key to your style.

6. Blow drying techniques

In this day and age it is perfectly acceptable for a gent to use a hairdryer, we all know it would have been a taboo thing a little while back but that’s one of the great things about the men’s hair industry, us gents are trying out everything possible to look dapper! This is why if you use a hairdryer, which I would highly recommend for 90% of gentleman’s styles that you need to be using it properly using the correct speed settings, temperatures , angles and brushing techniques to make sure your hair is ready to apply your finishing products.

7. What finishing products to use

For most gents finishing products I would recommend using a little bit of the same products you styled hair with just to complete that look and tame the hair into shape, especially if you have just blow dried it! And a touch of hairspray in all the right places is always important.

It might sound a tad complex but The Bugsy’s team are here to help and teach you and after learning how to do it you will be able to style your hair perfectly without even thinking about it, with plenty of practice styling your wedding hair it will look worthy of being on the cover of GQ magazine and more importantly ready for tying the knot!

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