5 Great British Beard Balms

This article about 5 Great British Beard Balms has been made to help you chaps with beards who are in need of advice and guidance with beard maintenance.

We have picked out 5 British made beard balms to will help you with your daily beard routine maintenance, so if it’s thick & full we will find the right balm, if it’s sparse we will find the right balm and if it’s a dry beard we will find the right beard balm. We will pick out unique features from each product which have been tested and reviewed over 72 hours on a man with a heavenly beard who works in the elements everyday as a postman. We are hoping this is one of many articles to help you gents out there in small but important life decisions.

What is a balm?

A Beard balm is a product that is used to shape and style the beard just like you would with hair styling waxes, gels and pastes. Its thick yet oily texture should help to moisturise your beard preventing split ends whilst giving off a natural shine & holding the loose hair in place. beard balms usually come in tins sized from 30ml-60ml and they are priced on average between £8-£15.


The Brighton beard company is an independent company established 2013 in Brighton. Lloyd who came up with the idea and his partner Jessica developed the business together.
They have a great friendly team who has excellent customer service. The company provide a list of products such as …. beard balms, oils, moustache wax and wash bags, the branding of this label is very professional and gives off an old school sea front effect. Using their own natural products to make their beard balms, it gives off a lovely scent and has a very unique long lasting smell.


The scents of these products are very unique, they give off a healthy vibe by using ingredients that you would find in a fresh healthy smoothie drink on a summer detox. They achieve this by working different natural ingredients together to come out with something beautiful that works fantastically.
The beard balms are a really fair price:
30ml balm £9.95
60ml balm £12.95
Meaning if you decide to go up to 60ml you’re getting double the amount of product for £3 more, us gents do love a bargain!

The product that was tested (mandarin and cederwood) is made to be for a softer finish with a light shine. They make a balm in 30ml which is the perfect size to fit in the pocket of a gentleman so you can reapply as and when you need to during the day. During the 72 hour test we found if you were looking for a stronger hold applying a little bit (the size of a pea) every 4-5 hours worked best, (especially if you were out in the elements) the product itself is a lighter hold oily product so its main focus is to condition the beard 1st and hold in place 2nd, but this works in your favour when it comes to washing it out of the beard as it was nice and easy to clean off. It was a well put together product which would work great through the year especially the summer.

We wouldn’t recommend using this product if you have a very thin and sparse beard as it could make the beard appear greasy. Which also means not to use if you already have high levels of natural oils in your beard.

Overall we love this product, the branding really stands out with its nautical theme and well put together website www.thebrightonbeardcompany.co.uk
The customer service we received was truly impeccable, very friendly homely type service similar to that you would find in a small family run bed and breakfast on the seaside whilst also remaining very professional. The delivery was really fast accompanied by a postcard with stunning photography of the products and various other items displayed on it also. These details put into the product and brand made it a real pleasure for us to review.


Truefitt & Hill truly is a beautiful company. When a man called William Francis Truefitt opened a shop over two hundred years ago in London, he focused on Gentleman’s wigs, which really took off as the king himself wore them ( It looks as if Prince William might need one making soon) Today truffit & Hill continues to create really high quality British products fit for the royal family. They’re style is stunning with the old traditional look & feel to their shop looking like a British museum. The brand has been going strong since 1805 and it doesn’t look like much of the original style has gone what so ever. Based in central London and with shops in Baku, Toronto, and a shop opening up in Shanghai this barbershops products & services do not come cheap but the quality is sensational.


The labelling of this product just beats any other with the quality. Nothing about this product looks budgeted. The beard balm container is the only one we could trace that was made from a thick high quality glass and the labelling really does make the product look first class. This product would be well suited to accompany a business man on his weekly trips around the globe who really needs to keep his beard looking well-groomed and styled to look smart, or perfect gift or product for a man who likes the finer things in life.

As I said these beard balms are not cheap and the price for a 50ml balm is £22

The product tested by our model had a clean citrusy scent. The scent was made up of ingredients like grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot oils and gave us this clean and fresh vibe. The product has good hold for such a light balm, the scent doesn’t last that long but held great. He only re worked it a couple of times but when he did it went into place very nicely. It is such a delicate light weight beard balm it was very easy to wash out and didn’t leave any grease or smell in the beard. This balm would work really well in a thin light weight beard that just needs a glisten. The balm itself is made from 100% natural, non-synthetic ingredients which are alcohol and paraben free, This will make sure there will be no stinging of any open wounds under the beard often caused by shaving and shaping up the beard. This beard balm has such healthy ingredients such as avocado extracts and aloe v era oil based with a few other natural ingredients. This balm is made to treat and condition the beard almost like oil but will give you support in holding the shape and style at the same time.


Robin Hood are a newly founded company in Nottinghamshire hence where they got Their name. The company was developed by Dave who kept trying to attempt to grow a beard in his adult life and finally managed to do it in his twenties. After using different products, he wanted to make his own unique scent of oils and beard balms. Every single bottle and tin is and made using natural ingredients to keep your beard healthy. This is a great selling point for me, a man who wasn’t happy with products he tried and thought he could make it better shows that there’s dedication and heart being put into these products. It’s the same reason I become a barber. I had one bad haircut and thought I could do better myself and ended up loving the trade and couldn’t see myself doing anything else now. This company really shows Dave’s style and sense of humour and really hits today’s youth style making it a great idea. Let’s hope the sheriff doesn’t find out about this one!!


The branding of this is something else. It doesn’t look like the most money has gone into it but has the biggest impact. The packaging was a string like knitted piece of material which really made it feel Robin Hood handed me the parcel himself. The tin and label is so basic but yet so beautiful, effective and unique. It comes with the product details on a separate brown card which looks old school and gives you the details you need without ruining the look of the tin. The tin is almost like a tobacco tin and would be great to keep in the back pocket. I imagine this product would go great in the hipster style or skater and would fit perfectly in the back pocket without getting damaged from any falls on the bum off a skate board. If the tin was damaged it would probably add to the old effect given off. Such a great shape and light weight you wouldn’t even know it was there.

The website is very easy to use and very basic but it does the job. Very easy to contact with just a scroll down to the bottom of the page and a click and it takes you to the contact page without having to find a discrete email or number. Once contacted robin (Dave) contacted me back very quickly and well-mannered and was more than happy to get involved which shown his enthusiasm and drive to progress his company. https://robinhoodbeardco.co.uk

The pricing of the beard balm is £14 for 40ml which is average and offer 7 different balm scents and oils. All the different scents are named and smell like something you would find at a camp site.

The balm tested made our tester a very happy man. It didn’t disappoint him in any way. It held a real strong textured hold without having to apply much and it was only applied once for the whole day. The scent lasted strong all day and it was the only balm Ricky received a compliment on the smell. The balm lasted all day on his working round and washed out extremely easy at the end of the day. It did not appear greasy in anyway and would work really well in any type of beard.

I believe this company will really develop and it would be really nice to see them push into other areas of male grooming products. Products that go with the style like really unique aftershave smells for hippy coulter or staying down the hipster root and do tattoo balms.


All of the bearded man company’s products are crafted with clean and natural ingredients. Every product they sell is free of chemicals that are often used in the beauty industry, being kind to your beard and skin seems to be a main priority they focus on, which gives real piece of mind when applying a new products to your beard.


They have a wide range of products from oils, beard balms, washes and even gift sets that are very well suited to birthdays, Christmas and father’s days. They are a small family run business located in Kent, England. We are not sure when this company started but by the sounds of things they have been creating these products over a period of time before selling to make sure they are to the best standard. They try and use the most natural and freshest of ingredients and offer a whopping 26 different scents.

The branding of this is very to the point, very plain and very bold, but it is extremely professional looking set up. The website has been set up really well and it is easy to use which looks great presenting all of the products. It also gives you many links to their social media sites to take a look at and see what’s trending with their company and news, which In today’s world is just so important. Details on themselves and contact details are very easy to use and find, so if you’re like myself and you really like to know about a brand before buying then they offer the perfect amount of information for that.The brand has even appeared on This Morning and Men’s Health along with some other great organisations.
Their products are at a fair price and have many different scented beard balms that range from…
30ml balm £9.99
75ml balm £16.99 which is the biggest balm we’ve tested.

The scent we tested was the Sandal-Wood beard balm, the smell of this was extremely manly and unique to other beard balms we have tested, A real kick to it which lasted the full day. This product can be re-styled a few times a day and lasts without having to add more and more product to the beard. It does come across as slightly greasy but conditions the beard well and washes out without trouble. Due to it being easy to wash out, on one round Ricki worked it was a typical rainy and windy British summers day, he said these types of elements did not work best with the product. This product is tough and required a good bit of friction before application in the hands and strong application into the beard but this is the reason the beard holds fantastically when not in contact with water.

Overall we believe this product would work great in a very thick well developed beard that required conditioning and if you want it to hold In that strong square look.

Here’s a link to the website homepage. http://www.thebeardedmancompany.com


Kingsman Essentials only have one balm at the moment as the brand is only 1 year old, but do have a range for tattoo care and ladies products also. They have been rewarded with the number 1 bestselling beard balm on Amazon.com and as far as brands who offer a number of products go they are within the top 3 across Amazon UK and Europe. All their products are made in the UK and they have tried to create a brand that reaches out to the hipster scene.


Their balm is more for conditioning and softening, and less so for hold but you’ll certainly have more control. The beard balm did actually hold most of the day when applied with our model in the elements but the scent did unfortunately wear off quite easily. The beard only had to be reworked around twice a day to keep it neat and in shape.  The beard balm tested was very easy to wash out and conditions the beard very nicely after a day of use. The product is made of formulas of cederwood to stop itchiness of the beard and nourish the beard.

The price for this beard balm is £9.99 which is a good price but it would be great to know how much balm you are getting. They do not list the measurement of this container and do not list a definite scent even though it smells citrusy.

The branding for this label is not the best but bear in mind they have only been going for 1 year and they will be progressing. The product is well made all round and I would recommend someone with a mid-length extremely coarse beard and needs it conditioned and wants it softer to use this product.

“Kealan Wyllie”